God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The three Bible-Phases
I THE LORD have given to you, children of men, heretofore a spiritual explanation of the key points of the Revelation to John, to which I will add:
Penetrate your soul with these things not only once in a while but as often as possible, and move them in deep your heart to explore their holiest depths; and you will experience all of them as a HOLY TRUTH while your self is gradually growing and you will often be able to behold also the distant and yet so nearby future of this earthly life. The growing refinement of your soul's texture will allow you to see visions which are to confirm the TRUTH OF MY HOLY WORDS. These cannot be apprehended by a purely intellectual exercise, but only by the HOLY ARDOUR OF YOUR HEART'S LOVE FOR ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE.
At this stage you will realize the truth of the statement by which the Bible thus far could not have been sealed off with the NEW TESTAMENT; but that the ETERNAL AMPLITUDE OF MY LOVE could be disclosed only by this MY NEW BIBLE, which tops the whole collection of Scriptures in a HOLY TRINITY of OLD and NEW TESTAMENT with now this HOLY NEW BIBLE as a HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION not only for this mankind, but for all souls and creatures in the world of matter.
Here is an overview of the great periods of human evolution via the three stages of BIBLE CONCEPTION:
In the first BIBLE-PHASE, I THE LORD arranged for an unknown Moses to shake the ancient Egyptian Royalty with its pagan worship of gods down to the bottom of its tightly organized, but morally rotten state-system, and gave mankind on the Sinai, for its maturation, the saving commandments with reference to ME, THE CREATOR, and MY PERFECTION; I further made Moses fix the first BIBLE-PHASE in his seven books, leading to the OLD TESTAMENT - as THE BIBLE - not only for My chosen people Israel, but for all human beings awakened to the faith in ME, THE UNIQUE TRUE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.
The second BIBLE-PHASE was initiated by ME THE LORD MYSELF, in My earthly life as the unknown boy JESUS, starting with My mysterious birth on Earth through the "immaculate conception" of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE in the virtuous, though unconspicuous maiden "MARIA", from the house of David. This second BIBLE-PHASE reached its climax by MY RESURRECTION in the POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, after the REDEMPTIVE DEATH on the CROSS OF GOLGOTHA, followed by the martyr career of My apostles and the way of suffering prepared for all those who unswervingly believed in ME, GOD THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA. The NEW and the ANCIENT TESTAMENT were to spread, after their translation, as the BOOK OF BOOKS, "THE BIBLE", among the people of nearly all nations on Earth.
Verily, say I THE LORD, every straight-thinking mind is bound to realize that these two BIBLE-PHASES could not possibly cause a complete general realignment of all mankind by the ETERNAL PERFECTION OF GOD THE LORD, but rather allow for periods of gradual development of My children's incarnated spirit which has run up ever so many spiritual blind alleys until the present day. Foolishness, blithering foolishness, and blatent or latent haughtiness are alone capable of pretending that the BIBLE-CORPUS is terminated so that GOD with those two BIBLE-PHASES had put an end once and for all to the infinite activity of HIS ETERNAL SPIRIT.
The third BIBLE-PHASE introduced on Earth by this NEW BIBLE is the CREATION PERIOD OF THE NEW JERUSALEM; this period, similarly to both the previous BIBLE-PHASES has been ushered in through utterly unknown and unusual aspects of MY HOLY VOLITION. Indeed, both the QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, MARIA, and MY ROCK OF FAITH, PETRUS, remained in their human garb just as unknown up to the publication of this first volume of MY NEW BIBLE as the shepherd Moses and the carpenter's son JESUS and HIS unassuming corporeal mother MARIA. Again in parallel to the first and second BIBLE-PHASES which had their respective climax by My Plan of Creation, now part of the history of mankind, the climax of the third BIBLE-PHASE is definitely scheduled as the RESURRECTION OF MY TRUE CHILDREN in the NEW JERUSALEM.
Such a resurrection of MY TRUE CHILDREN will be experienced by all those who will have fulfilled MY ALONE HOLY WILL, relying on the HOLY REDEMPTIVE ARM of MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, irrespective of how long they had been among the children of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; for I THE LORD can see into every heart and will know who is sincerely willing, from the bottom of his heart, to become an IMAGE OF MYSELF while keeping his eyes constantly lifted up unto ME.