God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Preface -

The Law of Sin and Atonement
It could therefore be assumed that My people Israel was to mature sufficiently to reach THE HIGHEST AIM on Earth; yet they failed again, and even failed in the face of their GOD in a human garb, did not recognize HIM by HIS HOLY WORDS in JESUS, THE SAVIOUR AND MESSIAH, but proved that they were not mature enough to recognize and comprehend THE DIRECT GRACE OF REVELATION THROUGH GOD HIMSELF and, in their unwillingness to relinquish their hopes for this world, nailed ME, - THE LORD INCARNATED - to the cross of worldly shame and infamy, thereby assuming unwittingly the cross of disintegration and dispersion among all peoples of this Earth, and putting themselves under the iron LAW OF RIGHTEOUSNESS OF MY ORDER, which according to MY TRUE LOVE, leads everything back to ME, GOD THE CREATOR:


Look, men of this age here on Earth, you are now in the same situation as My chosen people Israel in those days! For I THE LORD have sent and directed for nearly two thousand years prophets of MY LOVE to proclaim MY HOLY WORD here and there all over the world, and nobody can say that he has never heard of a GOD OF LOVE; and those who deliberately reject all that comes from GOD will soon be no longer able to pretend that they have never heard THE VOICE OF THE LORD, THEIR GOD AND CREATOR.
The same is happening now as was in those days when I, through MARIA, MY MOTHER OF YORE, had worn already the human garb as SON OF MAN and started to appear here and there in MY HOLY WORD. For I GOD THE LORD, have come again upon this Earth IN HUMAN APPAREL and appear already here and there through HER IN MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, IN WHOM I have returned onto Earth.
Within short you will have to prove - as of yore the people of Israel - whether you have become mature and can recognize ME IN AND BY MY HOLY WORD, whether you are willing or not to follow ME, whether you henceforth want to be saved or prefer to be judged under the inexorable and perfectly efficacious LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT.
Ponder over this very carefully before you go on reading this NEW BIBLE OF MY LOVE AND MERCY and say to those who due to their carelessness or vainglorious fancy think to know better do not pay the right attention to this NEW BIBLE, all that is most clearly marked therein, so that nobody can later deny having ever heard of this BIBLE OF MY GRACE.
Verily, I THE LORD am not only YOUR GOD, CREATOR, AND LORD, but more so YOUR ETERNAL AND HEAVENLY FATHER. You ought to recognize this already by the fact that you are eternally provided with all you need from ME. You should also recognize this by MY HOLY VOICE, which has never ceased to speak to you though you hardly notice, let alone receive it. That I am YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER OF BOUNDLESS LOVE is evidenced by the very facility with which you can recognize ME, follow ME, and attain to MY FATHERLY HEART.