God's New Bible

The Book of Love





MY HOLY VOICE is the eternal prime source of self-expression by the free will of a spirit either in the purely spiritual realm of My Heavens or in the variegated intermediate realm of the soul or in a soul's incarnation.
The first stir of self-expression by the free will of a spirit is THE WORD; just as THE WORD of MY HOLY VOICE, was the instrumental cause of spiritual and material creations, as is related by My apostle John:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not."
(John 1/1-5)
Thus it is quite correct to say that only through THE WORD life and light was brought into human being. And it is a holy truth that only THE WORD - yet the TRUE WORD alone - let life and light again be there in you humans of this time!
Be sure that the TRUE WORD originates in the PRIME SOURCE OF MY HOLY VOICE! For MY HOLY VOICE and THE WORD are but ONE and yet they are two; for THE WORD proceeds from MY HOLY VOICE; it is ONE with the voice inasmuch as it is ONE with ME and MY HOLY WILL.
But if THE WORD from MY HOLY VOICE addressed to My children of this world does not turn into an effective New Creation, whilst being quibbled at by the human mind as a mere linguistic element lacking the vitality of an act of the heart, THE UNITY OF THE WORD WITH MY HOLY VOICE is disrupted by the child of man; it parts with ME and becomes a mere shadow without the HOLY SPIRIT from MY VOICE; then the WORD'S vitality diminishes as the word is humanized and the LIGHT from MY HOLY VOICE is giving out, ending up in the darkness of soul and heart.
It is hence of paramount importance to hear MY HOLY VOICE in the heart's purity saying the WORDS OF MY LOVE, so as to become permeated with them to the point of producing in you deeds of life retrieving the union with the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY VOICE.
MY HOLY VOICE is the HOLY SPIRIT acting for you men, producing for you the best, the greatest and the highest things taking form in WORDS OF LOVE; therefore, you can never grasp nor fathom the words of My Love with your mind, but only through your BURNING LOVE UNTO ME, whereby you can enter into the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY VOICE and become apt to recognize and grasp the best, the greatest and the highest things.
Compare a pebble cast into a quiet water with a LOVING IMPULSE OF MY HOLY VOICE: just as the pebble produces expanding ripples on the water which spread according to the force of impact, likewise MY HOLY VOICE forms WORD AFTER WORD which spread in all directions as vibrating RIPPLES OF LOVE anxious to reach whatever is willing to live and to work fully out of MY HOLY SPIRIT, which in turn, will produce new wide-reaching life impulses by THE WORD from MY HOLY VOICE, so as to bring upon all being LIGHT out of MY HOLY LIGHT.
These introductory remarks should make it clear to every human soul that the reception of the WORDS OF MY HOLY VOICE cannot be governed by any rigid rules, but that human maturity and open-heartedness will determine how MY WORDS transpire into the human sphere of life, so the formulation of MY WORDS by the human soul depends on different views varying by respective maturity and volition, which follow no fixed rules.
If you are lazy and unwilling to strive for perfection, if your spirit incarnate is weary or even lifeless, as is the case with nearly all people on Earth today, then even the incessant LOVE VIBRATIONS of ALL THE WORDS of MY HOLY VOICE will pass by without any effect on you: you will blankly watch with a gloomy and extenuated soul how the few true Children of My Love take pains to bring home to you the reality of MY HOLY VOICE, THE VOICE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, whereas you prefer to wallow in the mire of My Counterpole rather than to listen to MY HOLY WORDS from the ETERNAL LIGHT of MY HOLY SPIRIT.
This is why you men are unable to reflect new impulses from MY HOLY LIGHT, for your being is ever more entangled by the filth of darkness which will stifle any higher aspiration in you.
This again is why the WORDS OF MY HOLY VOICE have to ring with unheard of vibrations so that MY HOLY SPIRIT still can save your soul. These fine vibrations are especially holy impulses appearing in your language as NEW CREATIONS (neologisms) as well as in the grammar as in printed form, which you may not grasp at first, and which you may even sneer at, because you are still caught up in darkness; yet such souls amongst yours as have not yet sold themselves completely over to darkness are still likely to be stirred up by MY HOLY WORDS as they ring with unfamiliar sounds as NEW CREATIONS through your earthly being.
You will therefore find many NEW WORD CREATIONS in this NEW BIBLE; yet they are NEW CREATIONS only in your eyes; your view is meant to widen, owing to new unknown or unfamiliar WORD CREATIONS, which are to stimulate the spirit in you to true deeds aiming at perfection.
In spiritual reality, a word, unfamiliar, innovating for you humans is but a totally self-evident GLOWING SPARK OF LOVE out of the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT which is further shaped and formulated by a spirit incarnate which itself has already become a flame in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT so as to be able to express in word and writ these HOLY WORDS of Mine.
Take the word "HOLY" in its intensified superlative form "UTMOST HOLY". A blind, lazy fellow with his spiritually paralyzed soul - as well as a snob - whenever they read or hear that word will contemptuously say: extravagant, illogical or even delirious.
But I GOD THE LORD say: this novel superlative form "UTMOST HOLY" of "holy" is in reality but a minute degree of the infinite scale of the ENDLESS FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT towards ever higher forms of MY ETERNAL LOVE.
When I THE LORD choose to coin this new concept "UTMOST HOLY" through MY HERZENS-URGRUND-POL OF ETERNAL LOVE and through MY ROCK OF ETERNAL UNDESTRUCTIBLE FAITH with the whole ardour of perfect LOVE, this implies that a new redemptive LIGHT is kindled thereby in the darkness of the souls of My children of men to make you understand how inconceivably great is the measure of MY LOVE AND GRACE for you men!
Let nobody take offence at the use of this WORD "UTMOST HOLY" out of the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT in a multiplicity of variations not only in this NEW BIBLE but also in the daily practice of MY LIGHT CIRCLE on Earth.
Bear always in mind that you are still living on the dimmest level of love-light and that earthly meanness out of self-love and self-interest will always try to stifle just any impulse to produce true WORKS OF LOVE! This is the reason why the GLOWING FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT must first dissolve the shell of meanness of the human soul; hence do not resist this GRACEFUL REDEMPTIVE WORK OF ETERNAL LOVE; but try to enter into the FIRE OF LOVE of MY HOLY SPIRIT operative in the unfamiliar HOLY WORDS OF MY LOVE and to rise yourselves to WORKS AND DEEDS OF LOVE, to have everything taken from you that is still self-love and to become true Children of My Love!
You will not be able to become true Children of My Love and change things on Earth unless your words first show what degree of love your heart feels and thereby indicate an enlightenment in the dimness of your love light. So enlight your love not only to ME, THE LORD OF HEAVEN, but also for example for your Earth, your living Mother Earth, and to this end "Earth" is always written with an upper-case 'E' in order to express the great importance of this star of redemption. This holds analogously in case of other expressions in this NEW BIBLE.
What has been said so far equally holds for the lettering and printing of MY HOLY WORDS in this NEW BIBLE. The use of upper case for all words revealing ME GOD THE LORD, in MY LOVE, GRACE and MERCY, MY HOLY UR-QUALITIES and WORKS to you men of this Earth is but a tiniest degree of emphasis in the layout of this Bible text in front of the wretchedness of your being; this special layout is meant to rouse you, O men, and to lead you to realign your thoughts, feelings and views in the perspective of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, and to step up your humility in consideration of the improbable GRACE of MY Coming to your encounter in your sinfulness in word and writ, and My direct Return to this Earth.
So do not take offence at the massive use of upper case for emphasis' sake or superlatives in MY HOLY WORDS of this NEW BIBLE!
All these forms of stressing purport to rouse in you the most serious desire to engage in operative love and work on yourselves.
Another form of emphasis concerns superlative qualities, as "most direct", "most wonderful", etc., whereby I THE LORD want to prompt you the greatest possible accuracy in the fulfilment of MY PERFECT HOLY WILL, so as to enable you to accomplish everything with the greatest precision, as is the case with all MY WORKS which you can admire everywhere, if ever you can still marvel at MY PERFECT WORKS, not attributing them to a happy coincidence or to a "whim of chance", which, after all, would be a deplorable testimonial for the state of your soul.
Equally, the layout of MY HOLY NAME, in the letters of your language, like "GOD THE LORD", "I THE LORD", and so forth, without separative signs of punctuation (commas) follows MY HOLY WILL; for I THE LORD am the HOLY UNITY of MY ETERNAL SELF which cannot and ought not to be split by anything! And if this conflicts with the rules of your language then - say I THE LORD - change the rules to adjust to MY HOLY LANGUAGE which I shall use with you worldly children, for which this MY NEW BIBLE will give the tone.
You well know that languages cannot be cast into rigid forms, and that they will evolve with usage and refinement. Now, MY NEW BIBLE will spark off a completely new maturation of all languages on Earth, with the final aim of forming