God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Origin of the "Chosen People"

Thus I THE LORD have also shown the greatest mercy to precisely that group of spirits around My firstling spirit Satana, which had formed from wayward angels around Satana and intended to assert a separate omnipotence in MY HEAVENS. This was a group of angels with the most wonderful qualities from ME, but who were tempted by My firstling spirit Satana to self-importance and encouraged to be even more than I THE LORD! Without this group of angelic spirits resisting ME with the highest qualities of grace of MY LOVE, My firstling spirit Satana would never have succeeded in becoming a counterpole of MY ONMIPOTENCE!
After the fall of My firstling spirit Satana from My Heavens with all that was its counter-pole work, I THE LORD, when creating the material world, not only left this counter-pole group of former angels of My kingdom with all the basic features of My gifts of grace now also in human garb, but also classified them as the "chosen people" among all the peoples of this earth according to their rank among My firstling spirit, because they also have to bear the heaviest part of the debt of My firstling spirit according to the LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT! That is why, in MY MERCY, this heavily indebted counter-pole group was led directly by ME as the "chosen people", so that they could have got rid of their heavenly burden of indebtedness by the shortest route and found their way home again into MY KINGDOM OF PURE LOVE, which they already grasped as an angelic group not out of the pure field of vision of the HOLY SPIRIT. Without the pre-eminence as the "chosen people" among the peoples of this earth - which is therefore not a pre-eminence of heavenly merit - this counter-pole group of My firstling spirit would never be able to make its way back to the heavenly homeland it had risked, but would be completely crushed under the burden of indebtedness!
Thus I THE LORD revealed MYSELF IN MY MERCY in this "chosen people" first as the true ONE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and led them through My prophets in truly infinite patience to lighten their burden of indebtedness, so that through trials they might become masters of all weaknesses, so that they might never again stumble in temptations before ME, THE LORD; therefore I THE LORD, IN MY GREATEST ACT OF MERCY, also gave MYSELF into the flesh of this people as THEIR SAVIOR AND MESSIAH!
So with the redemption of the primordial debt of all the heavenly indebted through MY BLOOD OF JESUS, the redemption of the burden of debt of this "chosen people" could also have coincided, if they had recognized ME, HIS GOD IN JESUS CHRIST, and had not been crucified, yes, even more: MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT AND COUNTERPOL, the "chosen people's" former heavenly spirit of leadership and seduction, would have instantly stood there without power and would have had to bow in MY LIGHT TO HIS GOD AND CREATOR - its power as counterpole would have been completely broken!
My "chosen people" would never have needed to be scattered if they had not triggered the deed of disgrace and sacrilege of Golgotha in their blindness; there would never have been a persecution of My disciples and all the children of men who believe in ME; neither in a Herod nor in a Caiaphas nor in a Nero could My counterpole have raged against ME! Not only this whole mankind could have taken a different course, namely the heavenly course, but the whole creation would have been lifted a step higher in everything!
So this "chosen people" has itself to blame for its tragedy among the peoples of this earth, just as everyone has himself to blame for his fate who does not want to recognize and acknowledge ME, GOD THE LORD, and does not want to follow ME!
But no nation of this earth may claim the right to elevate itself above this "chosen people" and to curtail its rights of life, nor to want to deny its existence; for all peoples and races are at the same time stages of indebtedness and grace in order to be able to tread the path back into MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION! Every spirit of indebtedness from MY HEAVENS is placed in a corresponding ethnic and racial level where it can best and most quickly pay off its debt! Before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE there is no privilege for any people or any race to rise above others on this earth; for before ME, GOD THE LORD AND CREATOR OF ALL THINGS AND ALL LIFE, all are equal, all are MY CHILDREN, graced by MY INHERITANCE in them, and only THE POWER OF MY LOVE shall glow in every human heart and in this LOVE unite and bring all things together, but also in this LOVE overcome every weakness, so that a true HEAVEN ON EARTH may be created through LOVE!