God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Tasks of Salvation of Marriage

Now, you CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, turn your gaze inwards on the basis of this revelation, recognizing that other reasons are the cause of all suffering on this earth than your human mind has so far conceived and now ask yourselves what you can do to eradicate the causes of guilt through the recognizing and active LOVE, so that mankind can move towards a new, true epoch of life.
After these revelations, it should be quite clear to you what each of you can do - regardless of all the theses your mind has formed and which will only ruin you - so that you can correctly grasp THE GIFT OF GRACE FROM YOUR GOD AND HIS HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE for your maturation and resurrection in LOVE: THE MARRIAGE!
For marriage is not given to you humans by YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER for the sake of fornication, but in order to become MY ETERNAL IMAGES! Marriage is also given to you in order to participate in the redemption of all that has fallen from MY HEAVENS into the depths of hell through your own fault! Furthermore, through marriage you have to fulfill the task of clothing the indebted spirits of heaven about and through yourselves in a human garment with a living, eternal soul and to help them ascend into the true KINGDOM OF LIFE!
So a marriage is sacred for the deepest reason of MY LOVE AND GRACE, yes, whoever understands it correctly and truly lives according to MY HOLY WILL, for him marriage is super-sacred! But he who desecrates it through the filth of the sin gutter not only becomes indebted anew, but through the hellish aspects of sin serves Him Who is My adversary, Who wants to plunge you into the absolute darkness of life!
But through a true, perfectly conducted marriage, you not only ignore the attributes of My counterpole, but you help to redeem him, since he has nested himself in every weakness of the human body and its soul and keeps the soul bound to himself in the straitjacket of the flesh and, logically, of death! Thus you humans begin to rise above matter and death if you follow what you are now told about THE HOLY MARRIAGE out of MY ETERNAL LOVE for your eternal salvation!