God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 4 -


Love is the greatest power said I THE LORD and grace is an addition to My Love.
But there is still a highest point in GRACE, a summit through which the impossible is made possible!
This summit of GRACE is MERCY and this can be exhausted, i.e. exhausted in the highest LOVE, which is THE SACRIFICE! THE SACRIFICE of LOVE - THE LOVE-SACRIFICE of MERCY for the sake of LOVE!
But this SACRIFICE OF LOVE is only possible if THE LOVE is the most burning, most merciful LOVE! A love that is not willing and able to sacrifice has not yet reached the highest degree of love!
So perhaps you will gradually grasp what deep truth and necessity lies in it when I THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE constantly admonish:
Become most burning, most merciful LOVE! For there will come a time for all who follow ME in MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE MARIA, when everyone must make a sacrifice if mankind is to be saved!
When I, THE LORD, clothed Myself in the human garment through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, this was THE GRACE's first phase of mercy!
The next phase of MY MERCY was MY LOVE-WORKING IN MY HOLY SPIRIT on earth, teaching and proving to you humans the pure LOVE OF MY HEAVENS, so that you may be redeemed from the blindness of living in weaknesses, faults and your guilt and be able to ascend into My heavens, the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE.
From this MY WORK AND EARTHWORK IN JESUS CHRIST much has been recorded and handed down, partly by My disciples and apostles who did this in MY NAME, but also by zealous believers and later by fanatics; but nothing from MY EARTHWORK was recorded and handed down completely and perfectly. This was due to the fact that many circumstances did not allow this, but also to the fact that even some of My disciples and apostles did not grasp My work and My words from My Holy Spirit to such an extent that they would have been able to pass them on completely to their fellow human beings and posterity, so that they would have had the best opportunity for altering representations and interpretations. And so, even shortly after MY EARTHLY WALK IN JESUS CHRIST, THE MESSIAH, REDEEMER AND CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, there was no perfect legacy of MY HOLY WORK OF LOVE!
What took place from the imperfect legacy of MY HEAVENLY TEACHING and MY EARTHLY WALK caused an immense fragmentation of MY TEACHING, which often, to the scorn of the purest LOVE, which I brought from My heavens to earth, resulted in deviant aberrations and fights among themselves, causing nothing but a distorted image of MY JESUS-LOVE! I therefore had the true SPIRIT OF MY LOVE proclaimed in all ages of your human race through new instruments of MY SPIRIT and MY LOVE, for which I THE LORD often chose high angels who voluntarily took on the human garb for this task in order to fulfill it according to MY HOLY WILL. But only a few awake human souls accepted the new revelations; for most of the children of men had become accustomed to the confusion of the interpretations of faith in their spiritual indolence. So that this habituation could be established as a foundation of their power by those who ascribed to themselves a supreme role and power in MY JESUS-LEARNING through skillful interpretations of MY WORDS, this confusion of faith was poured into fixed forms, which were presented to you in the rigid dogmas as "the holy truths".
But whoever, despite the rigid forms of faith, kept the pure LOVE of MY TEACHING in his heart and lived it in the deepest humility, love of neighbor and mercy - often gifted by ME with the GRACE OF THE INNER WORD FROM MY HOLY SPIRIT - attracted the power of My counterpole in the autocratic church institutions of dogmatic compulsion, was threatened, persecuted, accused, condemned and often ended up at the stake or on the scaffold!
You children of MY LOVE today will ask why MY POWER OF LOVE did not intervene and I THE LORD say, wait and see, this too will still be revealed to you in this NEW BIBLE; for now - without you having the training for the pure way of thinking in MY HOLY SPIRIT behind you - it cannot yet be made clear to you in a few words.
In the unwritten and imperceptibly working law of guilt and atonement there is a stream of justice, which is also expressed quite meaningfully in some poetic words on your earth, such as "the sun brings it to light", "the pitcher goes to water until it breaks", "God's mills grind slowly, but grind excellently small".
In this stream of justice lay the task of the one angel who, some time ago, was clothed in the human garment according to MY HOLY WILL and, as My scribe, took on the tireless work of writing down the basic processes of My creation and My earthly transformation in full from the dictation of MY HOLY SPIRIT. I let this angel grow up on earth under that power of faith which has granted itself the right to possess the sole truths so that, when the time comes, the cracks in this clay jar of faith will become so obvious through THE LIGHT OF MY SUN OF TRUTH that the jar can no longer be puttyed together. This moment will come when this MY NEW BIBLE will be recognized by many children of men as the highest treasure of MY LOVE.
It will then be proven why the second phase of MY MERCY could not alone bring about the change and improvement of the whole human race. It will also prove why MY PATIENCE had to place the process of redemption and atonement from the offenses against MY TEACHING OF ETERNAL LOVE precisely in this time and under the feet of MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA as the "MOTHER OF REDEMPTION of all the children of men". Wait and see!
The third and highest phase, the SUMMIT PHASE OF MY MERCY in the human garment of MESSIAH AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, had to be the conclusion of My mercy for the whole human race in My earthly walk! Not only because all who have fallen have been redeemed and liberated from the old and original sin of apostasy through MY CRUCIFIXION DEATH, but also because THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH again and again lets My human children recognize My REIGN OF ETERNAL LIFE AND LOVE and the longing for this ETERNAL REIGN OF MY HEAVENS becomes most powerful with all the prevailing errors on this earth when the darkness among men increases more and more!
Thus, through this third phase of mercy, MY LOVE was to fill all the senses and hearts of My human children until the most distant times on earth, whereby at the same time the guarantee was given that MY TEACHING OF ETERNAL LOVE would never fall into oblivion after My earthly walk in JESUS CHRIST and that THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT would again and again become a beacon in the darkest times on earth.