God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


Do you humans finally realize, if you have not yet understood, why you live on this earth? - Do you want to continue to live as blind fools, just to feed your earthly body which is limited for death? Or would you not rather become sighted in order to be able to enter ETERNAL LIFE? This MY NEW BIBLE will help you to do so!
Seize THE GRACE of this NEW BIBLE, through which you can be lifted - if you want it - out of the uncertainty and confusion of your self-created being, which becomes your own snare at every turn, and rightly so, even with MY PERMISSION; for you always turn your gaze to that which is directed against MY PERFECT COMMANDMENTS to true, perfect life! Because this NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY has been given to you, everyone who takes it into their hands stands at a TURNING POINT OF GRACE in their life! For everything is given to you through this NEW BIBLE, which you need for a true life and to draw a final line behind everything that brought you into these situations in your life, which - as you see - mean your downfall!
And this NEW BIBLE does not only mean the TURNING POINT OF GRACE for those people who have professed Christianity so far and speak the language in which this first edition of MY NEW BIBLE is printed; but it means the TURNING POINT OF GRACE for all My children of men; for THE NEW BIBLE shall and will be printed in all the main languages of this mankind and all My human children shall find to ME, THE ONLY AND TRUE GOD, and all the many splinter religions must dissolve and merge into the true religion of MY ETERNAL JESUS-MARIA-LOVE! This is MY HOLY WILL, which must and will be fulfilled according to the HOLY WORD, that it must become ONE SHEPHERD AND ONE HERD!
This means - as you have already been fundamentally revealed - that in everything on this earth of redemption the state of MY PERFECTION IN MY HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL THREE-UNITY must be established!
So begin with all seriousness with yourselves in small things: Lift up by MY HELP AND GRACE the state of separation to ME, THE ETERNAL PERFECTION! Create for yourselves the perfect sphere of action in everything! But I say: without restrictions!
For nothing can become perfect if an individual believes that he wants to impose something as he sees fit! The free will of man immediately gets lost in the jungle of My counterpole as soon as man does not look up to ME and MY PERFECTION and asks:
"O Lord, what is YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL?"
All the heaven-crying conditions of your world cry out to heaven because they are born from the depths of the blind lack of understanding of your counterpole actions and need a rescue by THE ETERNAL HEAVEN OF MY PERFECTION!
But so that you humans can immediately begin to take the right, perfect path through MY NEW BIBLE at this point of grace, I THE LORD give you all guidelines so that you no longer need to deviate from the straight path to ME!