God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1146 -

Even if dryness and atonement torture you...!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

(SPAN)Jesus:(/SPAN) My child. Now you are here. It is good that you have come. Come closer, My child.

I am crucified for the second time. Your world is on a radical apostasy path, and it seems almost unstoppable. You must stand against it, My children, who are chosen, because without you My name will be only a legend! You must stand firm, My children, who are listed in the book of life, for without you I will be forgotten!

The events of your world are getting faster and faster. The events are beginning to "roll over". Stand firm, and do not be confused!

The confuser is among you, and much division he has already brought among My children. The sin is called good by the one who pretends to be My representative, and if you were to see his soul, it would make you sick.

I, your Jesus, am suffering a lot. It is My 2nd crucifixion, but after that you will "rise" with Me, beloved children of My heart, because when everything is accomplished, I will take you to My New Kingdom, and that time is near!

Stand firm, beloved children, for the end is to be endured! Remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, who loves you from the bottom of My heart, and do not follow those who run away! The last time will be hard for you, therefore keep to Our word in these messages! Here you will find the guidance you need to "get through" the last days as well!

Never will I leave you alone, even if dryness and atonement torture you. Give Me your sufferings, give Me your spirit. Through suffering and atonement I still reach many souls and will draw them to Me so that they will not be lost. I will fill your spirit with love, trust and hope. Thus, you will endure even the greatest aridity and persevere through the time of the end!

I love you, beloved children of My Heart. Like My Mother, your Most Holy Virgin Mary, I carry you in My Heart. I keep you, I protect you, like My Father who gave you the seal. Use it, pray it, because it protects you through and in this/these last time(s).

Have faith, My children, I am coming soon.

Your Jesus, who loves you so much.

Savior of all God's children and Savior of the world. Amen.

Go now. Amen.