God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 116 -

Whoever gives a chance to doubts opens the door to Satan.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My child. My dear child. Our beloved children will (all) still have much to bear. But never despair, for already when you think it will go no further, God the Father Most High will be there for you, His beloved faithful children, and will catch you, wrap you in love and give peace to your soul. So never despair, for God the Father Most High will always take care of His children!

You must all be very strong (now), because the times are darkening. Many of the negative changes in your world have already begun. Be vigilant and trust in My Son at all times. Together with His Holy Spirit, He will guide you through these dark days. You must trust Him completely. Never give doubts a chance, because that is the entrance gate for the devil, who is now making his final move: to dissuade all God's children from believing in God the Father and His Holy Church, the Holy Body of His Son here on earth, in order to enslave them and drag them with him to perdition.

My children, do not give any credence to the "innovations" that the false prophet will issue from the Holy See. THEY DO NOT COME FROM GOD THE FATHER! The Holy Body of My Son is now being desecrated and crucified anew, by this same false prophet and his followers, who have only one goal in mind: The control over all God's children of the entire earth.

Keep praying for these poor souls, for they are eaten up by evil, in bondage to him (Satan) and straight on their way to hell. But since they are so "brainwashed" by Satan, and the greed for power and glory has crept into their hearts, they are so blinded that they truly believe that they are forever the "rope pullers" in Satan's dominion, in a priority position, worshipped like gods, to whom the lower people (meaning you, My beloved children) lie at their feet, serve them and have to be there for them as slaves without rights.

These, My beloved children, are the lies of Satan that he instills in the souls, empty promises and a heap of lies. No temptation does he omit to capture and corrupt souls. His world consists solely of lies. Satan feeds his followers with power and prestige, as well as, but not always, money and sex. This is his concept of fulfillment. Love does not exist. True joy, of course, also not. Instead, more and more hatred, envy, greed and discontent. The happiness of his "servants" lies in the "oppression" (to put it harmlessly) of the children of God. When they do bad things to their fellow human beings, mistreat them, rob them, destroy their property, even kill them, they "feel" fulfillment in their broken hearts and black souls.

They are so far from the Divine Way, from the knowledge that they come from God, that only your prayers and sacrifices, as well as accepting more and more sufferings for My Son, can still save them. And We know how difficult this is for Our so beloved children, but try to see only the poor souls of these "animals" (for that is what Satan has trained them to be) and not man as such, who is usually so repulsive to Our so dear children.

We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to sacrifice yourselves so that My Son can also save these souls. Nothing is impossible for HIM, because HE possesses the omnipotence of God the Father, but HE needs atoning souls to bring this great mission to its end.

My beloved children. Heaven is open to you, the faithful servants of My Son, and all those whom We already have in it, support you at all times. We love you very much and rejoice in your so wonderful works, no matter how big or how small they are.

Always do as much as you can. God the Father sees even the smallest gesture. The times of darkness, even if they are still darkening, will soon come to an end, and then, My beloved children, the long-awaited and promised era of peace will dawn.

Rejoice, for all of you will be taken along, those who so diligently, lovingly, and with perfect devotion support Us in this mission and give your allegiance.

With deep love.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children.

"Amen, I say this to you: Whoever gives doubts a chance opens the door to Satan. But whoever turns to Me, I will defend him, My love I will give him, and the Holy Archangel Michael will bring him to safety with His shield of protection.

So repel all the attacks of evil against you, and peace will be in your hearts.

So be it.

Your loving Jesus.

Savior of all God's children."

"Whoever calls on Me, whoever prays to Me, I will protect him.

I promise this to all God's children.

Your Holy Archangel Michael."

"Do not despair, My children. My so beloved Lady Mary, Mother of all God's children, has come to earth (SPAN)(note: here apparitions are meant)(/SPAN) for you, to make known to all God's children the messages of God.

She is the way to Jesus Christ, and She leads every child to Her Holy Son so that he may find salvation.


Your Saint Joseph."