God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1214 -

HIS word MUST NOT be changed!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

You have lost the clarity.

My child. You are living in truly difficult times, and the work of the confounder is becoming more and more evident in your world.

People who think they believe in My Son, are faithful to HIM, according to their opinion, and insist on changes, be told:

How can you want to change the word of My Son, if you say you believe in HIM?

How can you desecrate and trample on HIS Holy Church, crying out for adaptation (of the Catholic Church to today's times), for modernism and opening up to today's 'needs', when you say you are faithful to Jesus?

Don't you understand anything, My children? Don't you see WHAT YOU ARE DOING?

How do you want to be faithful to Jesus, when you abandon HIS Holy Church to sin, calling it (sin) 'normal' and sinfulness 'right'?

How will you be faithful to Jesus if you dishonor HIS Holy Bride?

How can you say you believe in Jesus when you deny HIS Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist -and you deny it by not believing in the Transubstantiation!-?

How dare you expose HIS Holy Church to sin and destroy ALL that is HOLY?

Don't you see how the confounder is on the move?

How can you want to open the Church to something when this IS YOUR WILL?

Have you learned nothing? Don't you know that the will of the Lord MUST be above your own?

How dare you defile, defile and defile with sin the Holy Institution of My Son?

I, your Mother in Heaven, implore you to go into deep prayer to realize WHO YOU HAVE FALLEN TO!

My Son IS the Word made flesh! HE is Real-Present in your Holy Eucharist! HIS Word MUST NOT be changed, because that would mean the downfall not only of HIS Holy Church, BUT ALSO OF YOURS!

So see how the devil works with cunning and trickery, and how many of Our children are already falling for him!

Go into deep, devout prayer, and pray the prayers We have given you in these messages! These prayers, given by Us, 'Heaven', work miracles! They keep you on the way to Jesus and PROTECT YOU FROM CONFUSION AND MISTAKENESS!

Pray them, beloved children that you are, and do not get more entangled in the snares of the evil one! By confusion he uses you(!), and you do not even realize it!

Pray, beloved children that you are, pray for clarity to the Holy Spirit, because clarity is lost to you, if you think you have to open the Church of My Son 'to the world'!

Be warned, for even the confused one, if he does not row back, will be lost! His confusion quickly ends in aberration, and this must be prevented by fervent prayer!

Listen to My call, beloved children that you are! The confusion in your world is great, very great, and the evil one is doing everything to stir this up. So he has an easy time with you, USES YOU FOR HIS UNHOLY PURPOSES, laughing in the greatest satisfaction at you, My children, at you!

So see your mistake and pray, pray, pray!

I love you very much.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Make this also known, My child, because that which is just visible, and more and more happening, must be corrected through prayer!