God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1265 -

The devil does not love a single one of you!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

My child. Tell the world to pray, for only through prayer will you experience ease. Only through prayer.

The children of the earth continue to sleep, and your world condition worsens, with each passing day. The lies are brazen and weigh heavily on your lives, but few want to see the truth. You will awaken when it is too late and millions upon millions have fallen into poverty and famine. My Son has already told you, and I, your Mother in Heaven, say it again:

You will awaken when it is too late, for you do nothing while you are well! But look carefully, for you too will be in need, and when that happens, you would be glad YOU ACTED IN TIME!

So arise now, beloved children that you are, and fight back!

Pray, pray, pray and plead with the Father!

See what is happening, and how peu à peu and more and more your fellow human beings are in greatest need and loss of existence! And help!

You must wake up and not hope that it still goes well with you for a long time, because:

You ALL come to it! The devil does not love a single one of you, and deceitfully, insidiously and hypocritically he lies to you, he deceives you and 'digs your grave'! You do not see it, because you do not look, because you do not want to see it!

I love you very much, beloved children that you are, but you alone will have to bear the responsibility for your not acting, not praying, not looking and not listening.

My Son loves you very much and HE is waiting for you, but you must pray, convert and find HIM!

The Father intervenes when you plead to HIM, but if you continue to be concerned only about yourself, you will soon be lost.

We give you these messages out of love, so that you may prepare yourselves, and so that you may know the truth! So listen to Our Word in these messages, and pray, pray, pray!

With deep love and sorrow in My heart, I take leave of you today. It pains Me very much to see how you are divided and just let it happen!

Your Mother in Heaven.

Pray, My children, pray. Amen.