God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1278 -

It is the time of decisions! Warn Our children!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Fasting and prayer, many, many rosaries

My child. My daughter so loved by Me. It is the time of decisions, and you cannot serve 2 lords. Therefore, you must completely free yourselves from EVERYTHING that hinders and stands in the way of the purest path to Me and into My Kingdom. You must decide for Me, for your Jesus, and not do 'half measures'. It is true that to you, to many of you, this path seems arduous and very, very difficult, but if you feel deeply inside yourself, open your eyes and awaken, then you realize, that this path is the only true one, filled with so much love, joy and peace, AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE BEHIND ALL THAT HAS KEEPED YOU FROM GOING THIS WAY, THE CLEANEST WAY TO ME, TO YOUR JESUS.

Little, very little time remains, for the events will come thick and fast, and then, when you least expect it, the warning will be there. Then comes the most terrible time, although even this is now hardly to be surpassed in wickedness.

We spoke to many of you, and the time of the Antichrist, visible in your world, will be shortened. It will be of a short duration, for the suffering that has now come upon you will increase and worsen, and many innocent children will be deprived of their inheritance. But never be afraid: the great battle has already begun, but the Father intervenes before it is fought out, yes, the battle of Satan and his worshipers, his bought, his loyal, his elite, his henchmen, WHO ARE READY AND CAPABLE FOR MONEY TO DO THE MOST DEEDS, against humanity, you, My beloved children.

The 3 dark days are coming, and then, when this battle of Heaven against Satan and his army is fought and defeated, the devil locked away, the 'wrong ones' in the lake of fire, the hangers-on perished, then, My child, My children, the truly peaceful time full of bliss, greatest joy and with My Son begins.

It is the New Kingdom of My Son, which the Father gives to you, His truly faithful, honest, pure-washed children, and your reward will be of greatest joy. You have nothing more to fear, for this kingdom will last 1000 years. After that, the devil will be released once again and try to seduce Our children, but, even if some become apostate, he will not succeed in snatching more children from Us. The Last Judgment will come at the end of this time. That is, you have 1000 years of bliss ahead of you before the Last Judgment takes place.

Ask no more, for it is and will be as I, your Jesus, with Mary, your loving Mother in Heaven, in the presence of all the angels and saints gathered here, the Holy Spirit and God the Father, Creator of you all, tell you again today.

Explanation of 2 visions:

The Host, discolored black, signifies the apostasy of My Holy Church. Your hosts will not be holy, nor will the consecration take place in your churches. The Antichrist with his false prophet have already taken care of this. Take good care, because the satanic mark shall be 'engraved' in your hosts in many places, i.e. you are not only eating plain bread, but you are 'poisoning' yourselves by satanic work! Listen to My call and do not accept a host once your missals have been exchanged. Amen.

Please warn the children. You will have to be very careful very soon. Amen.

Parallel to these holy masses, which no longer have Me as the living God at the center, because precisely the transubstantiation will no longer take place, no matter what they pretend to do, many satanic masses are held at the same time as great 'events' of the church (high feasts, etc.). Thus, the words spoken at the altar, where the consecration should actually take place, are covered with curses and impurities (the hosts, which are then no longer My Body), through these occult masses that take place at the same time, which should and will bring this about, because Satan's lodge is large, and the plans for the perfect takeover of My Church are worked out to the smallest detail. I.e. thus: For example, you celebrate a High Feast, you believe that the consecration takes place, but 'thanks' to the new missals this will no longer be, and at the same time, in an occult Mass, they cover these hosts, which are actually only 'empty' bread, with satanic discussions.

Children, the devil is cunning and has thought of everything! So be warned, because so many of My shepherds have gone astray, and it is getting harder and harder for you. Amen.

My child. Make this known also. Warn Our children. Amen.

Your Jesus, who I Am. Always. Amen.