God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1279 -

Put the Lord first!

Friday, March 5, 2021

My child. Thank you My daughter, I, your Jesus, am very happy that you have come. Tell the children, there is little time left.


My child. Difficult days await you, but fear nothing, for those who are completely with Jesus, you have nothing to fear. Unfortunately, they are few, because even if many, many children have turned to Jesus, they are far from being as many as Jesus desires, but, My child, do not worry, because the light of the Lord will still reach many, but the degree, the severity of and the suffering and sorrow that will come to you depends on how close, how faithful and how sincere you REALLY are with Jesus, trusting in HIM, hoping in HIM, putting HIM above everything else and truly loving HIM.

Many children love HIM, but this love is not the one Jesus desires, because: It is a comfortable love, and not the intimate one, which is a prerequisite for the true devotion to HIM, to your Savior. So, the one who lives only 'half-heartedly', that is, neither with his whole being, nor in complete devotion to Jesus, his love for HIM, for Jesus, must still grow, VERY grow, because it is comfortable, half-hearted and not perfect.

Put the Lord first, My beloved little ones, because only a truly loving heart will experience His Providence. This providence is Divine, and it is given to those of you who trust completely in Jesus, love Him truly, honestly and sincerely, and have put Him first in your life. Nothing is more important than your Savior, so find your way completely to HIM so that you can get through these days and Jesus can truly take care of you.

Come, dear children, come fully to Jesus, and together HE will go with you through these days that bring terror and horror to all those who are neither faithful nor devoted to Jesus and who do not love HIM or love HIM only half-heartedly and do not put HIM, their Savior, first.

Come, children, come, for only Jesus can and will lead you through this time, but you must change and find your way completely to HIM, to your Savior.

Come, children, come, for Jesus is waiting for you.

He wants to take every soul to His New Kingdom, but you must be ready for Him and put Him first. You must love HIM with all your being and with all your heart, because only in this way you will experience HIM and HIS graces and miracles will become visible to you in your life.

Come, dear children, come, for Jesus is waiting for you.

Give yourselves a jolt, prepare yourselves and find completely to HIM, because only HE will lead you unharmed through this time of the end. Amen.

Come, dear children, come, and listen to My call. I love you very much.

Your Bonaventure, who I pray for you, My children, for you. Amen.

Please make this known, My child. Many more children the Lord wants to draw to His Sacred Heart.

Pray, beloved children that you are, for through prayer you find Jesus, you remain strengthened, and it gives you strength and perseverance. Amen. It is and remains the strongest weapon you have, in these days and the days to come. Amen.