God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1281 -

You are all in ignorance of the power and wonders of a prayer!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

My child. Fear not, for the time that remains is short. The reign of the Antichrist, My adversary, will not last long, i.e. EVERYTHING, and I repeat EVERYTHING, will pass so very quickly that so many of My and Our beloved children who have not prepared themselves for Me, for their Savior, have not given their YES to Me, their Jesus, will soon, very soon and TOTALLY SURPRISE their end.

My child. All the children who are with Me, who love Me sincerely and honestly and with all their being and hope and trust in Me, thus are totally devoted to Me, because I, their Jesus, am their goal, will survive this time protected. He who is truly with Me, with his Jesus, HAS NOTHING TO FEAR! Please tell the children, because there is not much time left.

Your days on earth are numbered, and you have only 2 possibilities to decide: Either you follow Satan, or you follow Me, and be told that if you do nothing, you will also fall prey to Satan, for you have not chosen Me, and now it is too late to repent.

Take My words to heart and convert now! Put Me, your Jesus, in the first place and pray!

Your prayer is the strongest weapon you have! It is the greatest protection and such a wonderful, great source of strength!

You are all ignorant of the power and wonders of prayer! If you were certain of the riches with which you are endowed when you pray, you would always and always be in prayer to Me, to My Most Holy Mother, to God the Father in Heaven and to the Holy Spirit! Even the prayers addressed to your and My saints WORK WONDERFULLY!

The rosaries of My Mother are the pearls of prayer, i.e. you will be richly endowed even if you PRAY them FOR OTHERS!

So it is with all the prayers that you pray in sincere and sincere love, in devotion and trust. Even the prayers that many of you pray as a matter of course, yes in your world one could say 'automatically', bring about greatest 'fruits'! It is such a great joy to see that there are children who are in prayer all day, many 'unconsciously' but full of joy, because they have this 'automatism' in them. They are storm prayers who are always and always connected to Us, to Heaven!

Children, awaken, and become such prayers too, for you cannot give yourselves a greater joy. And Our joy is also immense. It is so beneficial that there are such children among you, and it is so much needed in your world today, which is filled with darkness, and where the truth is so twisted and bent that you already do not even know what is right and what is wrong.

Children, wake up and pray, pray, pray. You must be ready for Me, otherwise I will not be able to do anything for you. The days are numbered, the Father holds the keys, now it is up to you where you want to go. Amen.

My child. Please make this known as well.

Your Jesus, who I Am for ever and ever. Amen.