God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1282 -

The way to Golgotha has begun!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

My child. Tell the children that the way to Golgotha has begun, and tell them that there is very little time left for their preparation.

Those who do not profess Me will soon be lost, for what is happening in your world right now has and will have devastating consequences for all those who do not turn to Me, to their Jesus who loves them so much.

Children, My children so loved by Me, wake up! What is happening to you, at the hands of those who pay homage to the devil, will bring severe suffering for and upon you.

You do not see it, because you blindly follow those who do not love you!

You do not hear it because you believe those who lie to you.

You don't believe it because you don't listen to My word, you don't want to believe it, and it is more comfortable for you to let OTHERS DECIDE FOR AND OVER YOU!

Children, wake up, because if you do not resist, you will perish! You must pray, pray, pray and confess Me, your Jesus. Only I, your Savior, can and will lead you through this time of suffering and distress, of darkness and error, but for this I need your irrevocable and ever-renewing YES to Me.

Only a soul that is completely with Me will go the way with Me, THE WHOLE WAY, and this goes directly into My New Kingdom. But all others, who decide against Me -and you decide against Me, if you do not make a decision(!)-, will be lost, and you will not reach the gates of the New Kingdom. The floods of fire will be your lot, and in these you will perish, therefore, beloved children that you are, convert now, find Me, your Savior, and PREPARE yourselves, for the end is near, and with horror you who have not converted in time, will realize that the devil has lied to you, and all the shine and glamor, the hypocrisy and deceit, you will recognize, but it will be too late then, beloved children, and your soul will suffer, suffer, suffer, for an eternity, and I will not be able to do anything for you. Amen.

Convert to Me, to your Savior, so that you may be spared the torments of hell that await you if you do not come to Me, to your Jesus, in time. Amen.

My child. Make this known also. People must awaken, for they do not know what awaits them. Amen.

Only a soul that is completely with Me will enter My Kingdom. Please tell the children. Amen.

With deep love,

Your Jesus, carrying the cross to Golgotha. Amen.

The time, it is pressing, and it is getting close, for all those who are still far, from the Lord Christ. The darkness, it grows, and soon the end is at your door. The children, many do not believe it, but it is true, and those will perish, who serve the devil faithfully and courteously, and unfortunately also all the others, who let themselves be lied to, oh what torment, it will be for these poor children, when the flood of fire devours them. There is still time, so convert, you children, because faster than the strongest wind, the end will come for all people, so be better with the Lord for this time and today, because only with HIM it goes into the kingdom, where love reigns and full of joy, the children enter, who are faithful to the Lord, and live there for an 'eternity', which will last a thousand years, so be better all ready.

So get ready, My beloved children you are, for the Lord is near. Amen.

In deep love I remain your Bonaventure. Amen.

Pray much and pray fervently, for only through prayer will you draw near to the Lord. Amen.