God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1283 -

Stay strong and be ready!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My child. So many children have not yet set out on the path to Jesus, but there will still be a great transformation. Unfortunately, it will then also 'end' for many children. They will lose the chance for the New Kingdom, BUT WILL NOT LOSE IT, if they still confess to My Son before their 'demise', and many will do that. This is true until the vision of the soul, for this will open the eyes of the soul to many children, but their heart, their soul, their being will not know how to bear the state of their own sins before their eyes, and therefore they will gamble their way into the Kingdom.

If they had converted in time, they would look forward to this event with joy, but their lukewarmness, their comfort or their not knowing, because they have not heard, because they do not know Us, because they go the way of error, will make them realize the way to Jesus too late, and the New Kingdom will not be their inheritance.

But, My beloved children, do not be afraid for these souls, because whoever converts with the warning will not be lost! This is My promise to you, for the prayers of those who pray for all the 'unknowing' WILL BE HEARD! (Jesus and Mary).

My child. There will also be children who will convert and then take martyrdom. They will defend My Son to the blood -their own- and also they will not be lost. This will happen in the time after the warning and before the 3 dark days. These souls have converted shortly before or during the warning and have withstood the 'torments of the soul' (= greatest pain in heart, soul and being). They will be strong defenders of My Son until the end. Others, as We told you before, will not convert and worse, blame God the Father for everything. They will carry hatred against Him in their hearts and their soul will be lost. This it will do in the 3 dark days when the last of all battles will be fought, but some souls will also have to 'go' before that.

My child. My children. Be ready. Everything will happen very quickly now.

Stay steadfast in My Son and pray, pray, pray.

I love you very much.

Your loving Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Redemption with Jesus and God the Father present, as well as the saints and angels gathered here. Amen.

Jesus in agony: It is soon accomplished. Tell the children, please. Amen.

My child. Only a little time remains, and My children must be converted. You who are already with Me, stay strong and be ready. Pray much and pray fervently and always in My intentions, for the battle for souls will come to an end, and until then I want to draw many more children to My Sacred Heart. Amen.

Children confess Me, your Jesus, who am your Savior, for a terrible time awaits you, but I, your Jesus, promise to protect all those who truly, honestly and devotedly believe in Me, trust in Me and are with Me.

My child. Make this known as well. There is not much time left, and Our children must decide. Amen.

Yours and your Jesus, carrying the cross to Golgotha. Amen.