God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1291 -

Until nothing holy remains! Pray for your priests and bishops!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

My child. My dear child. The time you are in will soon become very dark now. You are very close to the end, but so many children do not know it, many, many others do not want to believe it, and few are even inclined to change in your Western world. As long as they are doing well, they show no interest and allow things to only get worse. Their comfort, their egoism -even if they don't realize it- will bring them all down, because:

Whoever doesn't change, whoever doesn't tackle and stand up against these terrible things that are being imposed on you, rights that are being taken away from you, the list is long, will soon run out of time, because: By the time he realizes what is really being played here and how deeply you are already in the hands of the bad guys, it will already be too late for change.

It is the same with your conversion, beloved children that you are. Whoever does not confess Jesus in time, it will soon be too late for him, and when the signs are in the sky, it is your last chance to still find Jesus. But, beloved children that you are, it is very, very difficult for an unprepared soul to experience the light and enlightenment that will be given to you as an act of mercy by My Son, as that moment of joy that it will be for the children who are truly faithful and devoted to My Son.

You will all experience it, and that time is near, and good to him who recognizes this act of mercy as such!

My children. My children so loved by Me. Don't lose the chance of the Kingdom of Heaven by remaining stubborn and comfortable, but find the way to Jesus, because it is the only way that will lead you to the Father, even if this very thing is hardly taught in your present time.

Your children have little chance to get to know the true Christian faith unless you, the parents, teach it to them. Schools, universities and so many priests (very sadly she says this) do not pass it on nowadays. Instead of transmitting the true teaching of My Son, it is no longer My Son who is the way for them, but many, and this is a crime against your children, youth and aspiring religious.

Only Jesus is the way to glory! Only with HIM and through HIM you will find to the Father, all other ways end in perdition! So do not let yourselves be lied to further, because from the highest places you are lied to, and you are cheated of your inheritance prepared by the Father!

See how the true Christian doctrine is twisted, mixed and clouded! Only Jesus is the way! Your Redeemer! And HE will come again, BUT NOT TO LIVE UNDER YOU!

Please, beloved children that you are, see clearly again, and do not let your children fail to find the way to and with Jesus! You must protect them, and you must tell them the truth, but for this you must also awaken and not emulate those who run away!

Fraud and deceit is what defines your time today, in all levels of your society.

Face the truth and wake up! Only My Son, your Jesus, will lead you through the end, only HE! And those who continue to sleep and let themselves be sprinkled, who accept wrong for right and remain comfortable, their eyes will be opened very soon, but then it will already be too late!

Wake up! See what is happening! Stand up for the truth! And recognize what is lie, recognize what is mixed, recognize how the Christian faith, the Christian values and My Son are being eradicated, His teaching changed until nothing holy is left!

Soon, very soon, you will worship only the beast, for My Son will have been driven out, and woe to him who does not recognize this! He will be lost. Amen.

My child. It is very important that Our children understand what is happening. So make this known as soon as possible and tell all the children that there is little time left.

In many places, My Son's churches are already closed, and more are coming. The Holy Eucharist will also be taken away from you. It is going step by step and blow by blow! Stay alert, because where there is no more transformation, the devil has already crept in!

See the changes in so many holy places. The churches are gloomy and coldly reformed! It is an abomination what is happening worldwide! Stay alert, for My Son is with you, but you must remain completely hidden in HIM.

In many places the beast is already worshipped. It will become more and more visible.

Dear priests,

remain faithful to My Son! Do not you, the last faithful servants of My Son, also fall prey to the beast, because when the Antichrist appears, it will be very difficult for you. You will be subjected to much pressure and even persecution, but know that no matter what happens to you, you will enter My Son's kingdom! The glory of the Father awaits you if you remain faithful! But if you fall, you too - and especially you! - will be lost, and the beast, the Antichrist and his false prophet will plunge you into ruin. Listen to My word, because bad times are waiting for you. Only prayer, fervent, deep prayer will give you the strength to persevere.

Keep up the Holy Eucharist, for My Son will be victorious, and will not forget His faithful servants. Amen.

Children, My dear children. It is 'close to 12', as they say in your world. Hold on! Pray for the priests and bishops, for they are expecting hard times. Pray for their perseverance and faithfulness to Jesus. Give them strength and fortitude through your fervent prayer for them.

And pray also for you and your world condition! Always also in the intentions of My Son!

Only through prayer will you be able to persevere, because: The Father hears your prayers and softens! He will intervene and this time is near, but you must continue to pray, because many, many abominations are still planned, and the evil one has cruel plans for you.

So stay strong! Stay in prayer! Remain faithful to Jesus!

Only Jesus is the way! Only those who remain hidden in Jesus will come through this time unscathed. Amen.

I love you very much.

Your mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

Stay strong, beloved priests that you are, and remain faithful to My Son, your Jesus. You will suffer the worst if you sin against My Son! But whoever remains steadfast and loves Jesus truly and sincerely has nothing to fear, for his soul will be lifted up. Amen.

Jesus: I love My priests very much, but they are facing hard times. Accept these as final trials, for My glory is near for you and all children who are faithful, devoted, dedicated and full of love for Me. Amen.