God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1310 -

The attacks are strong on the families!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Beloved children that you are: Pray for the families worldwide, because the devil knows that the support within your families is important and fundamental. It (the family) is the foundation of every growing human being and gives you support, strength and confidence. Therefore, and unfortunately, he has made it his mission to destroy family structures and now see how much strife and contention there is within your families.

The attacks are strong on the families and you would do well to pray for all the families. Only a few are even 'intact' families left, but these are the ones to protect. They are the foundation for the growing generation, and so that this is not lost (completely), it is so important to pray DAILY for the families. Where love, respect and trust in God are at home, strengthened young people come out of it, but where this love, this support and true trust in God are not at home, there is quarreling and strife and corruption.

So pray for all families worldwide that trust in God will be passed on to the children again, and for them to grow up in love and support and with just this trust in God the Father and Jesus, because where the Lord is not present and the parents quarrel, insult each other and are a bad example to the children, the children do not fare well and suffer. They will start to find their happiness in the outside and bear scars. They do not seek happiness in Jesus, and that can be dangerous for them. These intact families in particular are targeted by the evil one, because they are the only healed ones that produce believing children, and these are to be destroyed. The devil does not sleep, beloved children that you are, so pray for your families worldwide and teach your children the Lord's commandments, for hard times will now begin and a soul not established (in Jesus) will have a hard time. Amen.

My child. Make this known also. Your prayers for the families are extremely important in these so corrupted times. So pray much and pray fervently and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus who loves you so much. Amen.

I am coming again, and that time is near, but I am coming to lift you up, NOT BUT TO LIVE UNDER YOU. Amen.

Your Jesus

'Pray for the children of the world, for they need your prayer so urgently.

Your Therese of the Child Jesus.'

'Pray for the least among you, for they need your prayer most. Amen.

Your Josep de Calaçenc.'