God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1317 -

Still you weigh yourselves in earthly security...!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My child. Difficult times are approaching. Please tell the children of the earth to pray, for it is through the prayers of all of you that the Father will grant mitigation, ease and perseverance.

Whoever does not pray will soon have his rude awakening, but whoever prays and remains faithful to Jesus, his Most Holy Redeemer.

The Father will protect him and guide him through this difficult time. HE will send out His holy angels to him, and nothing will he have to fear. Nevertheless, there will be many martyr's deaths, but this is the free choice of those who have given themselves completely to Jesus and accepted this 'lot'.

Those of you who fear for your lives, let it be said to you:

Your trust in the Lord is not great enough. You say you trust, yet you do not, or do so in a limited way. No child who is fully with the Lord is afraid of death, for he knows where he will go.

So trust in and in the Lord, for the Lord is and will be with you. Everything you will be able to lift with HIM at your side (!), and everything you will be able to carry with Jesus with you (!), and nothing will be or become too much for you if you are completely with the Lord (!), and nothing will be able to shake you if you are and remain deeply hidden in the heart of Jesus (! ), and nothing evil will be able to happen to you, because the Lord cares for you, but it depends on the degree of your trust, beloved children that you are, everything depends on your trust in and on the Lord. Amen.

So come all of you and run to the Lord, for it is only through HIM that you will pass through these times unscathed!

He who becomes soft and gives in, he who follows those who run, let him be told:

His eternity will be sorrowful and tormenting, and his self-reproaches will pierce his soul. There will be no escape for you, for you have gone into the devil's nets.

Only Jesus is the way to the Father in eternity in glory! With Jesus, everyone who is truly with HIM attains eternal life at His side. You will be lifted up and enter the New Paradise. It stands ready, but the prophecies must come true, His word must come to pass, but never be afraid, for he who is truly with the Lord has nothing to fear!

Do not hang on to earthly life, but hope for eternity in paradise! This you attain through a life with the Lord! But the temptations are great in your world. So renounce them and turn completely to Jesus.

You should keep your eternity in view, but not the here and now in comfort and abundance. You will all perish, if you are not with the Lord, because HE alone is the key into the glory, into the New Kingdom, into the Kingdom of Heaven to the Father.

Convert yourselves! Prepare yourselves!

You still weigh yourselves in earthly security, but very soon this will be taken from you. It is only appearance, but the Lord offers you security. Only HE! Only with HIM! Who builds on the Lord, builds for eternity, who spurns HIM will soon see his misfortune before his eyes.

So convert and pray. Your prayer will hold back the worst.

Plead with the Father, HE may mitigate and shorten, for what is coming is bad, and only through HIS intervention will you not perish, those who are with Jesus. Amen.

Those who do not convert and give their YES to Jesus, soon there will be no hope for them.

Pray for the conversion of all the children of men, so that as many as possible may still be saved. Amen.

The warning is your last chance. Use it.

With deep love,

Your Bonaventure. Amen.

'It is so important that you are ready. Tell the children. Your Jesus.'