God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-32 -

Announcement: Book of John Part 3

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

On March 30, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, with you, to tell you the following:

The New Kingdom will be beautiful, My child, and full of joy you will live there.

Only the truly faithful children of Jesus will find entrance, but do not worry about those who did not make it.

Every child who is converted will be lifted up.

Many will have to do penance, but their happiness, which they were allowed to experience through Jesus, will let them get through this penance, in joy and in suffering at the same time, because their soul now knows about the so great love of Jesus Christ, about His all-embracing mercy and love. This carries them through the penitential period, and therefore they suffer in joy and suffering at the same time.

My child. The New Kingdom of the Lord is prepared. It will be 'administered' by the 12 apostles of Jesus, My child.

12 'tribes' will dwell in it, i.e.: 12 peoples will enter and live there, together and in joy, in bliss and praising the Lord, My child.

It is the Kingdom of Jesus, and thus it is unique, and it is perfect!

You will all speak one language, and it will be beautiful, gorgeous, My child. It is not comparable to anything you have on earth in its expression, so rejoice, for it will be full of peace and love!

You will be such happy children in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, and your soul will rejoice, your heart will rejoice and exult with happiness and joy, with bliss and peace, and filled with true love and fulfilled, My child, completely fulfilled!

And this fulfillment grows with every praise of the Lord, My child. It will be a truly beautiful time for you, and the transition to the Kingdom of Heaven will be joyful and full of fulfillment.

My child. All children who remain truly faithful and devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ until the end will enter His New Kingdom.

The martyrs will attain the Kingdom of Heaven.

The children who repented, who found to the Lord, will be lifted up and do a penance.

But all the others, My child, will perish cruelly, because what is coming, My child, will be terrible and bad.

I am not speaking of the 'acts' of the Antichrist here, but of the chastening hand of the Lord and Father.

A great cleansing is coming, My child, and the face of the earth will change greatly. The waters will pass over the land, much land, and great pestilences, not scattered by the mighty, will come upon the children of the earth.

Those of you who are truly with the Lord have nothing to fear, for the Lord and Father protects His children, as you have been told from all ages. The people of God are preserved, but you must keep your faithfulness to Jesus!

From heaven it will rain fire, My child. It is the angels with the bowls that I am speaking about. They will pour bowl after bowl upon you, your earth, and good to him who is faithful to Jesus and prays much!

Your supplication will be heard and your prayer will preserve you, but you must be honest! Nothing will be gained by praying only when you are in need and otherwise 'enjoying' your life without the Lord!

Children, children, a truly cruel time is coming, but you have brought it on yourselves! If you had remained God-fearing, beloved children that you are, you could have been spared all this. But your apostasy and turning away from God is so immense that you are preparing your own fate.

The Lord is merciful, but now you have waited for His judgment!

Where mercy passes away, judgment comes, and good to him who has earned the Mercy of God during his lifetime! And good to him who has earned the Mercy of the Lord before all this will break loose!

The Holy Angels with their bowls are ready, and whom they meet, let him have prayed to God in time!

You will be washed away, swept away, overrun by fiery embers and waves! Swallowed by masses of earth, but no matter in what you perish, all of you will end in the kingdom of Satan and will suffer for eternity, because you did not want to believe, because you are and were comfortable and unteachable!

Blessed is he who recognizes, because it is his only chance not to get lost.

So keep telling yourselves that there is no hell! And keep telling yourselves that you are good! Tell yourselves what you want to tell yourselves, but be told that this time is coming!

You will awake, and in the hell realm of the beast you will suffer eternally, and then it will be of little use to you to have persuaded yourselves of all this!

The time is near, the end is advancing, with every day that passes.

Do not wait until it has come, for it will then be too late. Amen.

My child. This is a brief overview that will belong to Part 3 of My book.

The children must take the warning seriously, otherwise the judgment will befall them, and their fall will be deep.

Now go and give this out in advance.

I thank you from my heart, and I come to you again. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.