God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-33 -

April 12, 2023 at Sacred Site

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to tell you, to show (you) and to communicate the following to you and to the children of the end times today:

My child. Your world as you know it will pass away. The Antichrist will bring much destruction, suffering and poverty and great distress will come, but fear not, for the Lord, Jesus Christ, stands ready for ALL His faithful and truly loving children.

My child. The 'waiting time' is long for you, I, your John, can understand and comprehend this very well, but you must know that ALL is very near.

Your patience and perseverance will be severely tested, and only a child who truly believes and trusts in the Lord will endure.

So pray much, beloved children of the Lord, for your prayer will keep you strong and firm in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at all times.

Difficult times are dawning as soon as the Antichrist shows his face to the WHOLE public.

He is still working in secret and enforces what has been initiated and planned from long hand by the henchmen of his father, the prince of darkness. But fear not, beloved children, for his purposes will be shattered like a ship at sea, battered and broken by the high and roaring waves on the cliffs.

So it will be with the goal realization of the devil and his antichrist, for the raging waves the Father will send over the earth, and His hand will smash down, and all those who are not devoted to Jesus will perish in them, the raging waves, shattered by the force of His chastening hand, and the earth will quake, it will open up, and parts of it will break, and more water forces will come through it, and all the children of the earth must fear, because no child of the earth, no 'elite', no henchman, will be able to save himself from the forces that will break loose as soon as the Father intervenes, because the measure of wickedness has been exceeded, and HE, Who is Almighty, rushes to the aid of His true children, and puts a stop to those who do not love His Son, and puts them in their 'place', because only HE, the Father Himself, possesses omnipotence over heaven and earth, and no one who presumes to be more than HE is, will feel His chastening hand, and woe to him who did not fall on his knees before His Son, Jesus Christ, in time, woe to him who did not turn back in time, woe to him who rejected Him, His Savior and Redeemer, who is His Son, Jesus Christ, and/or trampled Him underfoot and spat on Him: He will feel the Father's omnipotence and justice, for His mercy departs, and he will suffer for eternity, for he did not want to change and put himself before (above) the Father, who created him in greatest and deepest love, and to whom he did not find his way back out of pride, out of egoism, out of lukewarmness.... Children, the time is becoming terrible, so turn back before mercy gives way to justice. Amen.

I, your John, have come to give you this message. So take it to heart, for when the warning has come, good to him who has accepted it, and woe to him who continues to sleep and enjoys his 'life' on earth WITHOUT the Father. Amen.

My child. Make this known. It is the 2nd message to the 3rd part. This one is also given out in advance. The children must awaken. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.