God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1400-34 -

Part 3, Message from John, on April 14, 2023 at Holy Place

Monday, May 8, 2023

On April 14, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

My child. I, your John, am here, come to you, My child, that you may write My book, which I wrote and ate at the command of the angel, and reveal it to the children of the earth. So listen to what I want to say to you today:

My child. The angel showed Me what would happen at the end of time(s), and he told Me that many calamities would come, but that the children of the end times would ALL still get an opportunity to find Jesus.

He said: My dear son, I, an angel of the Lord and Father, tell you today that what you see and hear now will happen at the end of time.

Thereupon I saw how the children of the earth all experienced the transillumination of their souls at the same time, and there was no difference between the good and the bad, the loving and the evil, the Christian and the pagan, and the otherwise faithful or agnostic. They all, My child, received here and now the opportunity to repent and find Jesus.

My child. The angel continued: My beloved son. See what the devil is doing now to make the children fall into their old habits, and see how easy they are to influence because they are lukewarm and comfortable and do not want to change!

Thereupon he showed Me the following: I saw how great signs were 'shown' in the sky. These should show and refute everything what the believing children tried to explain to the 'unbelieving'. The Antichrist was behind it and caused so many to waver.

Moreover, from the sides of the wicked 'one' gave many kinds of explanations to this divine phenomenon, which they downplayed as a 'natural phenomenon', until many, many children fell into their old 'rut' and turned their backs on Jesus.

All this the Holy Angel of the Lord and Father showed and explained to Me, your John.

My child. It is extremely important that the children of the end times wake up and see how they are deceived, cheated and lied to by the evil one!

The cunning he displays is great and his influence powerful.

Those who remain anchored in the here and now will perish with this anchor, because they are anchored with the world of evil, which is unreal. It will pass away, and nothing will remain of it, and no child who surrenders to it will endure!

That is why the angel repeated to Me these images and explanations, so that I would pass them on when the time came. And that time is now, My children, that is why I make it known to you.

Whoever does not recognize and accept the warning as an act of divine mercy will be lost. Even if I have to repeat Myself, I must tell you this.

So listen, beloved children, listen: Only your repentance will give you Eternal Life in Glory, but without repentance eternal suffering awaits you.

You still have the choice. As soon as the Father intervenes, you will have hoped to have listened to Me, but it will be too late, because you did not want to change, you preferred to believe the devil and his antichrist than to be true disciples of Jesus. You did not want to love Him, who redeemed you on the cross, and you remained comfortable and lukewarm, now accept your lot, because you have sealed it yourselves, and no redemption will be granted to you, because you have rejected the one who loves you, and now see where you are going and there is no escape. Amen.

I, your John, communicate this to you because the Holy Angel of the Lord and Father instructed it to Me for this time. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.