God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1420 -

Our Lady is Weeping!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Message of December 15, 2023

Our Lady is weeping. Her eyes are filled with tears and they begin to run down her right cheek. I ask Her why She is crying, and She answers me:

My child. It is very sad to see how little steadfast the children are. They do not take Our messages seriously, and they would rather have fun than listen to Our word. They fall into sin, My beloved daughter, while We call them so that they may not perish, and yet they do not listen to Us and dwell in lukewarmness and sin, ... the list is long, My children, it is so long.

Beloved children that you are. The end is near and you do not see it! Jesus is calling you and you do not listen to Him Who is your Savior! The Father is concerned, My beloved children, for you, for your salvation! If you do not awaken now, there will be a rude awakening for you!

So pray now, and forsake vice and sin, glitter and sham, for soon My Son, My Divine Son made flesh for you, will stand before you, and you will not be able to face Him because you are polluted and eaten away by sin, and you will not be able to endure His light because you are defiled and shameful, and you will not be able to accept His divine love because you are not pure and not faithful to Him at all times, My children!

So wake up and prepare yourselves, for the glorious day is near, and blessed is he who is with Jesus! Blessed is he who is sincerely and honestly devoted to Him! Blessed is he who does not wallow in sin, who has washed himself clean and has put on his white robe. He will recognize Jesus, and he will not succumb to the deceptions of the Antichrist, and his soul will exult and rejoice with the sweetest and most blissful joy, for he will enter the New Kingdom with My Son, and it will be a glorious, holy time, and his soul will be healed, completely, through the love and grace of the Lord, and he will have no more suffering, for he will be lifted out of the misery and suffering of the world here, and no dark power will have any claim on him, for he has remained faithful and devoted to Jesus, and his reward will be rich. Amen.

Then she says to me: My child. Make this known.