God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1439 -

When the Heavens Are Opened…! … Then the Lord Will Raise You Up!

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Message of May 20, 2024

Our Lady: My child. Do not be afraid, beloved children, and always remain in prayer and faithful and devoted to My Son, your Jesus. Even if times are hard, know that My Son is always with you. Always keep this in mind, because:

When you think you are down, the Lord lifts you up!

When you think you cannot endure, the Lord lifts you up!

When you think you cannot take any more, the Lord lifts you up!

And if you think everything is hopeless, even then the Lord lifts you up!

Children, children, pray to the Holy Spirit, for He is sent to enlighten your hearts and illuminate your souls.

Bring all your misdeeds to confession and receive the sacrament of penance that redeems and forgives you!

Repent, beloved children, so that you may be forgiven, for lip service alone will not give you forgiveness. You must be penitent and sincere so that the Lord can give you forgiveness.

Children, children, pray to the Holy Spirit so that you may always remain in clarity. These are confusing times and so many of you are running after the wrong one. The only true one is My Son and only with HIM will you find salvation!

Children, children, remain hidden in My Son, for troubling times are beginning in your countries and churches. The changes are progressing and soon all that is holy will be desecrated. Be prepared for these days that are coming!

Children, children, if you do not pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for His gifts, you will truly have a hard time!

You need pure hearts and a pure soul in order to attain the Kingdom of Heaven of the Father. The New Kingdom of My Son will only be given to the pure and faithful children!

Children, children, prepare yourselves, your souls, for these times and find the way to Jesus Christ, your Savior! Alone, without HIM, you will be lost, even if the ravages of time would have you believe otherwise!

Children, children, always keep yourselves in the Holy Spirit, through prayer and supplication for His clarity, His wisdom, His strength...! Whoever does not call on the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son will not know the truth, for He is the Spirit of the Father and the Son, sent to keep you strong and steadfast, to kindle your love for the Lord, and to keep you in hope and faith! So pray to Him, beloved children, ask Him for His gifts. Amen.

Children, children, whoever truly thinks that he does not need to prepare himself, whoever truly thinks that he does not need Jesus, is on the path of error!

Only Jesus is the way to the Father in eternal glory, do not forget that!

Children, children, whoever thinks he alone is strong enough to resist the devil has already fallen into his trap!

Awake, beloved children, and turn to Jesus, My Son, your Savior! Without HIM you will perish, and that time is near, very near!

When the heavens open to chastise you, blessed is he who is with Jesus, blessed is he who has called upon the Holy Spirit!

Children, children, you have no idea of what is planned for you and your world!

Pray, pray and beg for the end to be shortened and mitigated, for only through the Father's intervention will you not fall to the adversary, only through Him Who is onmipotence will you be saved from the fires of hell, only through Jesus, My beloved children, you will not perish in the quaking earth, raging waters and rain of fire, only through the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit will you be saved from the clutches of the devil and spared from his kingdom of hell!

So convert, beloved children, and decide for My Son!

Say YES to Jesus and begin to center your lives on Him and your fellow human beings. You must help each other! You must support each other! There cannot and must not be an 'only me'!

Children, children, wake up from your blindness! The way there is with the Holy Spirit, who will open your eyes, hearts and souls to Jesus, your Lord and Savior!

Whoever does not find Jesus, whoever rejects him, whoever remains lukewarm, is unfaithful or worships other gods, be told that in the end he will stand alone. Only the devil will be there, as well as his demons, and all the glory will vanish. You will recognize the truth, but then it will be too late and your eternity will be cruel.

You know the messages about the fires of hell, the suffering, the hardship, the torment, the agony. So be aware that you will only escape the devil and his kingdom if you turn to Jesus, your Savior. Amen.


Your Mother in heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.