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- Chapter 1440 -

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Message of May 20 and 21, 2024

On May 20: During the receiving of Holy Communion, Our Lady of Guadalupe shows Herself to me and says: 'I want all children to come to Me. Lead them to Me, My daughter, lead them to Me.' I ask how I should do this. She answers: 'Through these messages and through prayer(s). Amen.'

Now She shows me how children come to Her with the Sacred Host in their hands and hold it out to Her. The following meaning is explained to me: They ask for Jesus, they seek HIM, they feel an inner emptiness. Our Lady of Guadalupe speaks: 'Teach them again, beloved children, it is important so that they do not get lost. Amen.

I will come again. Amen.

Your Mother of Guadalupe. Amen.

On May 21: During the receiving of Holy Communion, Our Lady of Guadalupe shows Herself to me again and says: 'They (the children) do not know who Jesus is, enlighten them about Him. Their soul thirsts for Him. They thirst for Him and do not know Him because you have driven Him out of your lives, your society and your existence and are driving Him out even more. You replace Him with idols such as money, welfare, extinguish hope through false and misguided religions and deny your children happiness in the Lord, you deny them eternal life in glory, for you withhold from them Jesus Christ, their and your Savior, Who is the way, the only way, into that glory forever.

Their souls are wasting away, My children, and you are to blame!

Sin no more and teach your little ones about Jesus Christ, who is also your Savior. Amen.

Write this, My child. I am the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe from Mexico, coming to you so that the children may learn about Jesus again. Amen.

Go now and spread this.

Your Mother of Guadalupe, Mother of the protection of unborn life and Mother of all God's children. Amen.

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