God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 119 -


Having heard these words, Seth began to go within and thus to recognize himself more and more. And his only reaction to this speech was a silent gratitude in his heart, which he did not voice knowing that I can listen also to a silent heart and the stirring of not a single fiber in it remains unknown to Me.
There were still some others who wanted to put questions, but Adam rose and said: "Children, listen in the name of Jehovah. Whoever still has some concern in his heart, let him keep it to himself and take it silently home. For when the time is right everyone will receive a bright light from above for the dark little chamber of his heart. But for now bear in mind that we are not yet in the midnight region let alone at home. Therefore, it is above all necessary that we once more set out in the newly determined order to be able to remind the greatest possible number of children of the Sabbath tomorrow and to invite them to the supreme, active celebration of this hallowed day which God Himself has set as a day of rest and a day of remembrance to remind us that the Lord, our great and holy God Jehovah, is our Creator, Sustainer, Leader and most loving Father full of grace and mercy.
"Therefore, as I said, let us all rise in the name of Him Who is walking among us. Amen."
And they all rose from the ground, left the shady tree and in the order determined by Asmahael walked through a dense wood towards midnight.
On the way Jared, walking beside his son Enoch, could not resist asking him many questions. The first questions concerned the hospitality Asmahael should be shown when they got home,
which fruits he favored and what kind of bread, also what he might like to drink, whether just milk or milk with pure honey or juice pressed from sweet berries; or how he might prefer to sleep, what he might prefer to lie upon and how early he might like to rise.
To all these questions Enoch had one short answer: "Dear father, your concern is futile. Asmahael will not fail to tell us what He wants of us. However, you may be assured that already all of us have by now received from Him more than we on our part will ever be able to repay Him.
"Therefore, dear father, do not concern yourself with such futile things, for only one thing is needed, and that is true love for God, our indescribably loving Father.
"Behold, dear father! I believe that Asmahael will be for the present most satisfied with such fare under our roof. He told us already before Adam had given him a name what had drawn him from the lowland to our height.
"The faithful stranger (to us), seeking God (that is, our love for God)! If this is what His name means, look, dear father, then your concern about food, drink and sleeping is extremely futile. Let us instead do something better and praise God in our hearts and allow him graciously to move in there. For our heart needs Asmahael more than our hut. Amen."
And Jared replied to Enoch: "Dear son, you are right in everything and there is nothing I can take exception to. But you now speak of Asmahael exactly as you used to speak of God Himself, so much so that I no longer know of whom you are actually speaking, of God or Asmahael. Please explain this more clearly and tell me why you are doing it.
"For when you say that we should let God enter our hearts, this is clear; but when you then say: 'For our heart needs Asmahael more than our hut!', look, that is incomprehensible. For what has Asmahael to do with our heart if he is not God and understandably cannot possibly ever be since he is walking among us as a man, as a real man?
"Although his teaching is great, surpassing everything and exceedingly mighty in action, it could come from the mouth of any man called by God to speak. Therefore, if you are willing, you may set me right so that I do not walk in error by your side, stumble, fall and perish. Amen."
Thereupon Enoch said to Jared only what Adam had earlier commanded and Jared fell silent, quite satisfied.