God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 120 -


Enos, too, did not leave Seth alone, but asked him: "Father Seth, I have noticed that you have spoken with the very strange young Asmahael and also heard some of it, but though his words are exceedingly high and noteworthy, I must admit that he sometimes seems to forget himself and be very proud of his achievement, for instance, when he has just accomplished something, like the destruction of the great serpent of falsehood, and begins to speak as if he were no longer a man, but directly God Himself. And now he keeps speaking out of himself and only seldom refers to God. And when he does that he and God merge so closely that in the end one no longer knows who is referred to.
"Whether a man is speaking in the name of God and, therefore, filled with the spirit of God and all the might and power out of it or whether otherwise - surely - I at least cannot imagine it in any other way - God and Asmahael are one and the same.
"Look, such surely important matters are stirring me and I had to let you know, dear father, what bothers me and what I now lack most. Do tell me what it is about Asmahael as far as you wish to and can and also as far as you find it necessary and of benefit to me and in agreement with the most holy will of God. Amen."
And Seth replied to his son: "Dear Enos, your question is justified and on all the earth there could not be a more justified and important question than this one and also a no more righteous man than the one who seeks God in all earnest and whose eye does not miss the deeds of God. But greater than all this is to observe out of pure love every commandment someone has been given out of the eternal order of God.
"Look, such a commandment binds my tongue before you concerning Asmahael. Therefore, be satisfied for the time being with this excuse, but believe firmly that you will become acquainted with Asmahael face to face still before the sun rises.
"Do look forward to it, for Asmahael is great! Amen."
And Enos was satisfied and kept silent.
But also Mahalaleel could not rest, turned to Kenan and asked him: "Listen, father, You know that we have had many experiences during our rather long lifetime. However, can you remember any occasion when solely upon the word of a man, without any support of his hands, something has been instantly accomplished?
"You may say to Me: 'Son, you talk nonsense! Did not today our Enoch tame the tiger for Asmahael and did not Adam, by touching the tongue of the beast, elicit words from its jaws?
'Or have not all the animals, all the grass, the plants, bushes and trees, if necessary even the elements, been subject to our firm will?' And I say to that: O father! All this is certainly true and cannot be denied, but we have never been able to bring about something without the help of our hands, sometimes even our feet. And if we did accomplish it, this always took some time until mute nature, often supported by our hands and feet, performed it. Is this not absolutely true?
"How is it now the case with Asmahael? What has instantly become of the mighty tiger through his word, and where has his word thrown the serpent and annihilated it with a greater speed than that of thought?
"Who has ever preached to Adam and made him fully comply with it after the sermon? He who did not come to Adam as a supplicant, had to return home without having achieved anything. Even Enoch's word seemed to please him because of its depth and meekness rather than serve as a wise measure for true life. Now when Asmahael speaks, makes arrangements and commands, Adam does not diverge from it by a hair's breadth and obeys him blindly, together with all the other children and the mother Eve.
"Considering all this tell me, dear father, what you think of this Asmahael.
"I definitely regard him as more than a man, as his performance surpasses all human accomplishment by far. Now it is only of importance for whom you take him and as what you regard him. Amen."
And Kenan replied to his son briefly as follows: "My son, you are right in everything. That things are like that everyone will have seen, but keep your own counsel until tomorrow at the most, for this is Adam's will and you will surely, together with me, not wish to disobey Adam.
"Keep occupying yourself with Asmahael in your heart and you will soon see Him revealed before you, for He has truly come closer to you than you can imagine!
'Therefore, believe, trust firmly and love! Amen."