God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 126 -


When the delegated searchers were back without having achieved their purpose and reported how they had found nothing but deserted huts with implements, also domestic animals and almost all the stored fruit, but not a trace of humans, Adam threw up his hands above his head and spoke with a loud voice:
"You just, great and sublime God! Where have You taken them? Or has the earth swallowed them up, or whatever has happened with these my children?
"Do they still exist somewhere, or have they been completely annihilated? O God, You God full of love and mercy, do have compassion with me, the weak, most ancient man of the earth!
"If You have killed them, You may as well kill my heart so that it does not have to languish under this unbearable burden of grief to which it will have to succumb anyway unless I am given a light concerning those whom my great folly has separated from us and driven into this midnight-region where they have evidently perished.
"O Asmahael, Asmahael! Where are You mighty One? Come, O come, for my spirit, which is out of You, has never before yearned for You, Holy One, as it does now.
"O do not tarry, but come to me, a weak old man, the first of this wide earth of Yours, and help me out of my great anxiety and grief! Amen."
And behold, already Asmahael stood before Adam and asked him with great earnestness: "Adam you blind one, what is it you want me to do for you?"
And Adam replied: "O Lord, if I am blind, make me see so that I may see those who were lost, be it in one way or another."
Then Asmahael said to Adam: "Behold, you sent out your children to look for their brothers and they did not find anyone. Now I will send out Enoch and we shall see whether he will return empty-handed, too. In case he does, I Myself will go as the last messenger and call together all the sheep, and you can be sure that the sheep will know the voice of the true shepherd, come hurrying to Him and joyfully leap around Him.
"And you, Enoch, hurry now out to them and shout with a loud voice: 'Brothers, listen! Your father Adam has come down to you to make you as free as I am from any yoke and show you a new, mighty bridge over which you can in the shortest possible time get to his hallowed fatherly home, in order already tomorrow to take part in the celebration of the holy, free Sabbath of the Lord!'
"'Thus you shall call three times and bring to us whoever will appear. But on those who will not appear I shall then try My voice, whereupon we can count them and see who is still missing. This shall be for a sign to show through whom in the latter days of the coming great tribulation the latecomers shall be invited home into the great house of the Father.
"And now hurry and do as I have advised you! Amen."