God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 34 -


Now we will leave this small company in the school of the creatures and let them eat wild berries, grass and roots until their appointed time; and we will turn to the land Ihypon (today called 'Japon' or 'Japan') and await there the approaching Meduhedites and devote still a little time to them.
After thirty days and nights, thanks to My favorable winds and with small detours owing to the calm of the sea, the Meduhedites arrived safely on the before-mentioned large island with loud jubilation and praising of My name. They arrived at the wide estuary of a quietly flowing stream coming from the interior on whose calm and broad back they were carried in their hulks up-stream towards the interior of the land by a rather strong, serviceable wind.
When they had fully arrived, Meduhed cast himself down, deeply moved by the beauty of the land, and thanked Me in the profound stillness of his heart for about an hour, and all eyes and ears were turned towards him.
Having finished his to Me pleasing prayer during which he had recognized My further beneficial will for the saved people, he rose again and waited until all the hulks had completely lined up.
When all this had taken place along the shallow bank of the river, according to My will, I bid him enter all the hulks and warn the crowds lovingly on no account to set foot on the land before they had all, for three hours, thanked the Lord in their hearts for His boundless grace. And when the Lord would then bless the beautiful land He had given them through a visible sign before their eyes, he, Meduhed, would step onto the land first, followed by their children, and only after that they themselves were to set foot on the land and once more prostrate themselves before God, worship His holiness and praise His endless goodness and boundless love.
And behold, when they had done this with great joy in their hearts, Meduhed told them to look up to the sky, and they saw a luminous cloud envelop the entire land and an abundance of large drops fall from the cloud for a whole hour. Then they saw this cloud again dissolve and under it a small rainbow shine brightly. From the east a soft breeze was blowing which clearly announced through the mouth of Meduhed that I had now blessed the land for them. Thereupon they stepped onto the land in the above-mentioned order and did with joyous hearts as lovingly advised by the pious and wise Meduhed. When all this had been done, Meduhed once more called them all together and spoke to them, as follows:
"Men, brothers, sisters and also you children who are already capable of understanding! Take good notice of what I shall now tell you through the great grace of God! Let it be the foundation of all our thoughts and actions never to lose sight of the holy will of God and to fulfill it in every detail at all times with gratitude and praise in our hearts. For whatever comes from Him is great and holy and thus also most important. However insignificant it may appear to our worldly eyes, it is still of immense value since it is from God Who is now the Lord of all of us. And we, if we are willing and obedient, shall be able, as was promised to us, to become like His great children, which you met under the rock face above the city of Enoch.
"Look, it is the will of the Lord, our great God Who wants to be our Father, that we shall love each other, that is, everyone shall love his neighbor like a brother and sister seven times more than himself Everyone shall be strict with himself and mild, gentle and loving towards his brothers and sisters. Let no one ever imagine himself to be greater and worthier than the weakest of his brothers. For before God nothing counts, except a pure and humble heart. Let he to whom the Lord may ever give His grace, as He did to me, consider himself the least and be willing, as I am, to serve all and according to the will of God be an example to all. Only children, because of their weakness and the need for a proper upbringing, owe their parents absolute obedience. And once they have recognized the will of God within their hearts, this obedience, which is then due to God alone, shall be substituted by the greatest love and respect of a child for its parents. However, it is God's will that you always listen and look to the wisest among you in order to willingly receive the decrees of God, both general and personal But beware of ever according such a wise one more respect, love and reverence than another not yet wise, but still most willing and dear brother.
"And the respect for the one wise out of God's grace shall consist in nothing else but love of God, love of the neighbor and the most willing obedience to God's directives through the humble heart of a wise brother.
"Let no lie ever pass your lips, for falsehood is a foundation for all evil. Do not ever gloat over the repentance of a sinner, but let your love give a fallen brother a helping hand.
"The land belongs equally to all without distinction. Of what the soil will yield in abundance, let the needy one take enough to satisfy his hunger, and let the strong willingly gather for the weak.
"Make the animals friendly towards you so that they do not deny you their warm milk.
"Let every one be subject to his brother and willing to serve him. But no one shall ever give orders to another, for you shall always show love to each other so that one day you may become children of one Father within love.
"Although the Lord always gives more than a person needs to sustain his life, you shall never be excessive in all your enjoyments, but after the will of God for the sake of your health moderate in everything you do and enjoy. For thus speaks the Lord: 'A proper measure and a proper goal be blessed, but excess be cursed, and damned be the aimless ways on which only harlotry and unchastely shall walk and find there the night of perdition and eternal death!' Therefore, gather the surplus of the blessing and erect everywhere storehouses, but not of stones, as in the city of Enoch, but of timber. Put four well-trimmed tree-trunks into the ground so that they project two man-heights above the ground in a square. Place on top of them four crossbars in the manner already known to you. Then place a lean-to roof over this, covered with reeds and grass. Between the four wooden props projecting from the earth make walls also braided from reeds. But leave an opening in each wall, four times the size of a man's head, and on the east side also a door, but without bars so that everyone can enter freely whenever needed. Inside drive several small stakes into the earth of about half of the storehouse, projecting half a man's length above the ground. Over them fasten some thinner joists and cover them also with braided reeds so as to place the blessing's surplus upon them for your brothers and also for yourselves. For the other half gather long dry grass and place it knee-high on the ground as a resting place for you where you can sleep through the night, rest your tired limbs and refresh your organism.
"Your tools and other implements you shall place underneath the braided reeds. However, no one shall ever take possession of such a house, but let one work for all and all for one and, thus, all for all work there so that no one among you and all your descendants shall ever suffer want.
"Close to the mountains which do not smoke or ever burn, as the ones you can see from here in a great distance, you shall dig deep holes where you will find the to you already known bread-earth. This you shall eat in moderation and not daily, but only now and then after the will of God for the sake of your health, when your faces have become too soft.
"Furthermore, you will find in the mountains - which you are allowed to climb if they are not burning- nice, very hard and smooth stones. Gather them and place them in front of your dwellings. Firstly, you shall grind upon them the seeds of a grass and from the meal you shall, by adding water, make dough in a vessel great numbers of which you will find on the banks of the river. Then you shall bake from it wholesome bread in a place for baking, which you already know how to prepare. Secondly, you shall also take such stone slabs which are somewhat softer and are found in great quantities at the foot of the fire-free mountains, and upon them you shall record all this in the manner known to you in order that even your late descendants may learn about the now revealed will of God.
"For listen! Thus speaks the Lord: 'As long as you and your descendants will remain within the given order, no alien people will ever be able to approach this land and disturb your peace. And I Myself will teach you to recognize and prepare many good and useful things. However, if you should ever step out of My order, forget Me completely and not return to My order, I shall awaken another people, lead it to this land, and it will subject you and make you its slaves. Then there will be an emperor who will destroy your sanctuary, beat you and have many put to death. He will have you harnessed to the plough like donkeys and thrash you like a camel. He will take everything away from you and let you starve, not allowing you to quench your thirst with the juice of fruits, but will drive you to the water like a tame animal. And, as in the land of Enoch, you will have to build cities for him and provide good food for him and his servants in order to make him strong to beat and kill you.
"Then you will no longer receive fruits and bread for your work, but only dead tokens depending on the extent of the work, for which tokens you will be given something to eat. If even then you do not return to My order, you will have to give the fifth part of the tokens without recompense back to the emperor as a tax on the hard-earned reward. This means that you will have to beg to be allowed to work at all and for permission to do so you will have to pay the mentioned tax.
"And I tell you, in all the land there will not be a single spot which the emperor would not have appropriated. Then he will distribute the land to his favorites and courtiers as a fief, but you he will make ignominious serfs of his favorites and courtiers who will then be lords over your death and life. They will give you a fare of cooked grass and miserable roots, for they will take the best fruits for themselves. Whoever should seize such a fruit, will promptly be punished with death.
"The emperor will take your most attractive wives and daughters for his own and his favorites' and courtiers' pleasure and you will have to throw your sons in the river and instead have to provide for his children who will then ill-treat you. But I will plug up My ears till the end of time so as not to hear your lamentations, and you will be a thousand times worse off than in the land of Enoch.
"This, too, you shall bear in mind and write it onto the soft stones, as you were told!'
"So you see, my dear brothers, what is God's will. Therefore do as you have been advised, and you can easily remain an independent people without any loss of your rights. Therefore, you shall become full of love and grace and far be from you the evil self-interest. Then you will remain, as you now are, a people of God. - And now it is God's will that you place these hulks one after the other across the river, connected with poles to form a bridge so that we can also go to the land on the other side of the river and freely make use of it.
"Now cast yourselves down and thank the Lord for this great grace of instructing us and making known His will for our greatest benefit and speak with me:
"'Oh You great, exceedingly good and holy almighty God, we thank you in the dust of our nothingness! Let the weak voice of our gratitude reach Your holy ears from the depth of our ignominy and look graciously at our humble and timid hearts! O Lord, we do not understand how great is the emptiness of our mind. Therefore, fill us graciously with the warmth of Your love and never withdraw your grace from us poor children of sin! If ever we could forget ourselves and act against Your most holy will, let us not be punished by men, but do punish us Yourself according to Your justice and great clemency and change our hearts through Your great mercy, so that one day we may become worthy being at least somewhat like Your children. Do remain our great and holy God and Lord Who one day will become also our beloved, most holy Father! - O Lord, grant our entreaty and listen graciously to our weak prayers! Amen.'
"Now go and do in due course all you were told to do and convince yourselves how true and faithful the Lord is. And when you have carried out everything, not ever forgetting the Lord before and after each task and before and after every meal, before and after sleep, before and after sunrise, before and after sunset. And, especially, when you sleep together you shall before and after the act above all ask the Lord for His blessing, - then you will beget children of life and light, otherwise, only children of death and darkness.
"I shall remain all my life here in the region of the river where we have landed. And there, overlooking the river in that spacious grotto and on the beautiful mountain will be my and my children's dwelling so that you can always find me whenever someone has a concern. The Lord is giving me ownership of this grotto and the mountain out of love for you in order that you may find me at any time.
"However, the entire, large and beautiful land is yours. It is the will of God that I shall grow very old and still be a late witness of all your good and bad actions. And of all who are now present here I shall be the very last to follow you to the presence of the Lord.
"You, my ten companions who have already become wise too, take the people, lead them and distribute them wisely in the land and teach them what they need. And whenever it is full moon come to me to obtain advice and instruction. Amen."
And behold, when Meduhed had finished his speech, all the people bowed to him and once more cast themselves down, without Meduhed's command, and thanked Me for the beneficial instruction. Then they stood up, ate the food with reverence, lay down on the ground to rest and prayed from time to time. Having done this for three days, they rose to their feet, took the tools and first built the bridge. Then, with Meduhed's blessing, they went to their further destinations throughout the land, praising Me everywhere. And, as is easy to understand, many of them became wise like Meduhed, and they lived thus as a happy people about nineteen hundred years, almost to the time of Abraham, and did not perish in Noah's flood.
Later on, however, they began to gradually forget Me, who had made them the best-educated and richest nation on earth. They enjoyed all kinds of carvings and thereby sank into the darkest idolatry and all kinds of harlotry.
When I had patiently looked on for six hundred years without noticing any trace of remorse and intention of changing their ways, I awakened as I had warned them through Meduhed - in the region of today's Mongolia a people for a general scourge which I had through an invisible angel led to lhypon and prepared for them an island bridge from present day China, of which still today several islands in a somewhat curved line are witnessing. Thus they could almost simultaneously get there dry-shod, like the Israelites across the Red Sea. Through the tire of the earth I also had a great number of larger and smaller islands raised around Ihypon as places of refuge for a few wise men that then lived there in grottoes and served Me on the quiet until I called them away from the world.
There can still be found in such grottoes, as signs of My love, such engraved tablets, which now of course could not be deciphered by anyone, even less so than the hieroglyphs of Egypt which only a fully reborn person will be able to read. Now and then a physically ailing woman in trance may be able to guess some of it through her for short moments awakened childlike spirit.
And in the grotto (which originally was called Meduhed's grotto) till today there could be found the to you already known song of Meduhed and some of the tools. However, this grotto, which is on a high mountain, has now become inaccessible, which I arranged later through fire and earthquakes still continuing to this day.
Thus this land is still today under the imperial rule with its partly Mongolian and partly original Ihyponian people. Let him who does Dot believe this go there and convince himself. But it will not be of much use to him if he has not attained to the full rebirth. And the one who does have it will be able not only to oversee the entire surface of the earth, but also to gaze with transfigured eyes into its depths right to the bottom.
(For everything I give you here is true and faithful for My children, for I do not give it to the world, but only to My weak children. Therefore, they shall not measure My love and wisdom, My words and My grace by worldly standards. I do not want to shine before the world; I only want to be loved by you, for I have plenty of suns to shine upon the world. If you criticize My writings with your worldly learning, what do you think I shall one day do with your worldly nonsense? - Therefore, learn from Me, and once you will have been taught by Me, you will see and recognize whose laws are on a higher level- Mine or those of the world. For to the world the word is important, but to Me the meaning within the word; and he who does not gather with Me will mightily scatter!)
- Before I lead you any further in this My household, I will briefly tell you something concerning My angel, especially to those who almost in every line find something to criticize in the grammar, for the sake of the world. Since they have no malice in their heart, they may, where My weak secret scribe of My New Word has in his old inattentive way made a little stroke too many or too little, complement it according to their insight; also correct the spelling and dot the i's, where necessary. But at him who would dare to change a single word, or seek a better rime or to unnecessarily improve a line, I shall look with angry eyes. Do not seek the word in the sense, but the sense in the word if you want to find the truth. For the truth is in the spirit, but not the spirit in the truth, which might be impossible since the spirit is free and preceded every rule, allowing to derive truth from it Since you say this already of your men of genius, why do you look with critical eyes at My Spirit as if a schoolboy had given you some poor work for correction? - Therefore, if anyone should think that I do not fit into the world with that garment, let him keep Me at home. However, there will be more merit for everyone if he added to My writing a rule learnt from it rather than worldly criticism; for giving is more blessed than taking! Do understand this well! Amen.