God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 65 -


When Enoch had given them so much light, they all rose and thanked Me silently in their hearts for this gift through Enoch. And Adam asked for some nourishment for his body, which he soon received. When he had refreshed himself with some honey, milk and bread, he thanked Me for this gift and then spoke to his children:
"Children! It was here that I once lost everything through myself, and truly, a thousand times more than I lost, the Lord, our most loving, gracious and holy Father, has now let me find here again.
O Paradise, you beautiful garden, you place of light where I was still resplendent in the hand of God like a rising sun and was in the fullness of all life mightier than all the worlds, when I was your high-spirited inhabitant and you my weak carrier.
"I once fell and you, beautiful mirage, were unable to help me up. The fall of the mighty one has weighed you down and your soft ground was compressed like fresh wool, torn by a wind from a tree, then dropped to the ground to be trampled down by our feet.
"Although through my forced flight you have, unburdened, shot up to an idle height of your weakness, no longer oppressed by the foot of a mighty one, there is nothing to be proud about on you, except the empty memory that you were once my weak carrier.
"However, the Lord in His mercy saw that your ground was too loose for the heavy one prone to fall and he set stones under my feet that their firmness might save me from a further fall.
"Oh for the good ground upon which my feet are now resting. It has prevented me for almost nine hundred years from falling again, which you were unable to do for less than thirty years! This good ground was also the humiliating cause that I have now become a firmer carrier of you than you were once of me. For now I have raised you within me endlessly more glorious thanks to the immense grace from above, and I am sure that you will not ever come to a fall within me. And even if this were possible, you will not bend and oppress me, but I will be able, with the grace from above, to lift you up so that you may remain a permanent inhabitant of the one whose every hair is more important to the Lord than the entire earth which was once your unsteady carrier
"O children, I arrived here saddened, for I had to deplore my loss as I had done before a thousand times. But this time it was the last sigh and the last tear, which dampened your bare wall. From now on I will never enter you, you old, empty nutshell of a burnt out life, but my foot will now happily walk on my own ground upon which the fruit of eternal life has matured.
"O children, I am feeling so good, and for this my eternal blessing to you, my Enoch!
"Children, if anyone should still have a doubt, let him keep it for my hut in the afternoon. So let the children now assemble that I may bless them and tell them that they shall tomorrow, as always before sunrise, congregate at the hallowed site of the burnt offerings. Amen."
And behold, when Adam had concluded his speech of praise, abuse, thanks, glory, farewell and instruction, his children complied with his wish. Then all the children came hurrying to him joyfully, were blessed by Adam and invited to gather for the Sabbath at the right time, whereupon the children were once more dismissed in peace, praising Me.
After that Adam said: "Now, my children, let us continue on our way towards midday there to do the same we did here.
"May the Lord be with you, Enoch, and with all of us, also Asmahael and all our children dwelling here and everywhere!
"May the Lord guide us and prepare the hearts of all the children for our blessing arrival and His great mercy and grace so that they may tomorrow come with well-prepared and sensible hearts for the glorification of His name and the quickening of their souls and awakening of their still dormant spirit.
"And now let us cheerfully walk towards midday. Enoch and Asmahael shall lead me and the others follow in the previous order. But since the rays of the sun are already hot we shall take a shaded path through the forest so that our limbs may not grow weary prior to the designated time of rest after the faithfully performed duty. On the road all shall walk in silence and watch where they are treading to prevent suffering injury.
"O Lord, You best and most holy Father, let Your gentle eye rest on all of us! Amen."