God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 66 -


And now the patriarchs quietly walked on a shaded path under cedars and palms towards midday with cheerful hearts. The journey took about an hour and they praised Me in their hearts, for there was a great deal to see as nature had become fully transparent to their eyes which had been strengthened through My Word.
(N.R: In the way things have already been explained to you a little in "The Nature of Things".)
When they had walked half the way Asmahael suddenly stopped short, did not dare take another step and was shaking all over.
Then Enoch asked him: "Asmahael, what is the matter with you that your young legs fail to carry you? Tell us whether you can see some danger or whether some ailment has befallen you for, behold, we are walking on the road of the Lord, and the Lord is with us as we are with Him. Therefore, tell us faithfully what is troubling you. Amen."
Thereupon Asmahael pulled himself together and said, still uneasy: "O fathers of the earth's fathers and you, my loving-wise Enoch! Do look a bit further ahead and see the huge, ferocious tiger! It is already showing its teeth and tensing its deadly claws for a forceful spring to seize and tear me to pieces and to drink my blood and eat my flesh. For the terrible fury of this guard of the holy heights can never be assuaged, for it's watchful, cruel and angry faithfulness is beyond anything of its kind on earth.
"O fathers of the earth's fathers, do step back and let me be seized by this mighty beast as a sacrifice of deliverance so that your holy life in God may be spared. Oh save, save yourselves, you most worthy and mighty fathers!"
And behold, then the patriarchs looked ahead and saw what was frightening Asmahael so much.
But Adam said to Enoch: "Listen, dear Enoch, go and bring the ferocious guard here so that the frightened Asmahael may become acquainted with the power of God in man on account of which he was appointed lord over nature to be obeyed by all creatures. Amen."
Enoch immediately walked up to the tiger, which promptly threw itself to the ground before Enoch shaking all over.
And Enoch spoke to the tiger with authority: "Rise to your feet, you ferocious and strong beast, go to Asmahael and bend your strong neck before your master to carry him carefully beside me and Adam towards midday, then there will be a rest, then towards evening, then a rest; then towards midnight, then a rest and, finally, to Adam's hut; then complete rest, your reward and your final destination. Amen."
And behold, the huge tiger rose and at the side of Enoch walked meekly to Asmahael and did as commanded.
(N.B. This giant species of tiger is now found only in some tropical forests of the high mountain chains in central Africa and rarely in those of Asia.)
Seeing this, Asmahael was so amazed that he could not utter a word and could hardly keep on his feet. For now it was revealed before his eyes what his mother had once told him she had seen in a dream. His mother had been devout in her own way and had to pay for it, together with her spouse, with a disgraceful death. She had refused to worship Lamech as the supreme God after she had experienced the high favor of being raped by Lamech's lowest soldier during a whole night in the most lewd and unnatural way.
And since also her husband angrily refused giving thanks for it he, too, had his intestines torn from his belly with iron hooks while still alive.
Where Lamech got such tools from will be told in due course.
When Asmahael had pulled himself together, he spoke warmly: "O mighty fathers of the earth's fathers, it is not your great physical stature and strength that can tame such a huge and ferocious beast; truly, only a God, yes, a mighty God can do this through your hallowed hearts. Thanks, praise and glory, yes, holy glory to the mightiest and most holy Father of such great, sublime and mighty children! Amen."
Then Adam praised him for his true cognition of the love for God and for having given Me all the glory.
And Enoch lifted him upon the back of the beast, which carefully carried its master by the side of Enoch.
And so the party continued to walk along the fragrant and shaded path without meeting any further obstacle. The little birds were singing cheerfully, swaying on the branches, and they sang a melodious, prophetic little song to man; a little song about the Man of men was what the little birds sang for Him.