God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 80 -


When Adam had heard Enoch's comforting words, he rejoiced in his heart, bore the increasing weakness submissively and let Enoch guide him on.
And thus the travelers continued at a good speed notwithstanding the greater effort. On the entire way during almost half an hour nobody spoke, but each one in his own heart asked Me fervently to strengthen and sustain Adam. Above all it was Enoch in his unshakeable trust that in his love for Me was convinced that I was not going to disappoint his firm trust in My mercy and grace.
For although the others realized that nothing was impossible to Me, they still had doubts in My will as they had not yet learnt in their hearts the great, free art by way of an unshakeable pure love to assess My everlasting, supreme and inexpressible faithfulness, in which art My dear Enoch had already become a master. And as a result he was always quite certain of the unfailing success of what he was in his just love expecting of Me.
Therefore, he was never sad and did not pity the one to whom something disagreeable had happened. For his eye rested constantly on My heart, and thus he clearly perceived the secret guidance by My love and how by ever so strangeseeming means it always knows best how to guide the children in the most suitable way towards the attainment of life everlasting. In the assessment of his love for Me he even went so far as to determine with the greatest certainty how, when, where and why something would be forthcoming and with what result. And so he was, in a way, the first prophet on earth and the original founder of the so-called prophet schools which existed until My coming to the earth as a man and the sole purpose of which was to instruct the pupils in My love almost from birth. The world was portrayed to them as a finned foundation of My love, as a great schoolhouse in which all humans through a brief separation from Me were meant to develop a great longing for Me urged by the impulse of their inner life. The world's external enticements are there only as temptations so that men may judge themselves in accordance with My love. And once a person no longer enjoys the world, but has an ever-growing longing for Me, his inner eye and ear are opened up and, although still in the mortal, seductive body, he will hear and now and then even get to see the holy Father.
Then he will be pervaded by the spirit of eternal Love. He will behold everywhere the future, present and past and the death of the body will fill him with indescribable bliss, for only then will he begin to see most clearly that this is no death at all, but only a full awakening to life everlasting.
This and still some other things closely bound up with My love represented the essence of the prophet school of which, willed by Me, Enoch was the original founder.
The golden rule by him through Me was always the basis and inner foundation of all the prophet schools and ran thus:
You are unable to believe that there is a God unless you have already loved Him with all the strength of a childlike heart Whoever says: 'I believe in a God!', but cannot love Him is a liar and has no life. For God is the very everlasting life; His love is this life. How can anyone comprehend life other than through life? And since only love is the life, as in God eternally out of Himself, thus in man through God's mercy, how can a man then say that he believes in a God when he denies Him a thousand fold in his loveless state which is not really a life, but just a certain agility of the by God created nature, suitable for receiving the life of love out of God.
The agile body is not yet a man, but only created to be a carrier of man by means of the living soul breathed into it. If this embodied soul does not absorb the life of love out of God, it is dead despite its agility and the usefulness of its senses.
That was the golden rule. That in the course of time through and from it also other rules have originated is as natural as it is natural that from the first love, which with the people gradually melted into faith, resulted the ten commandments and the Prophets and from these, finally, once more pure love through Me for Me and there from for the fellowman.
Thus also the strict renunciation of the world until the time the living spirit of love was received resulted from this rule and from that time on the earthly life changed to be based on the inner freedom, according to which then also every prophet lived and acted.
So it was also with the prophet schools which, as already mentioned, were founded by Enoch, who had now with Adam happily arrived in the region of the children of the evening.
And how amazed was now everyone when Adam, who had become so weak, had suddenly regained his full strength by the side of Enoch.
Adam was beside himself with joy and thanked Me with tears of joy for this sudden strengthening. And he said to Enoch and all the others:
"O Enoch, O children, what an exceedingly glorious God our God is! How good, how loving and how full of mercy! He Who knows no suffering nor any imperfection, He, the holy, infinite, eternal, supremely mighty God can out of His endless perfection nevertheless create imperfect beings; not as if He was not able to create them perfect - to think that be far from us -, but to bestow upon the through His infinite wisdom imperfectly created, from the depth of His innermost grace and love, gradually His fatherly love from eternity to eternity thereby to show them that He alone is the truest Father of all men and spirits.
"O Enoch, O children, only now do I understand this so very clearly! If I had not become weak, how could I have been able to perceive this indescribable blessing?
The holy Father let me become weak and exhausted in order to make me more receptive for His unspeakable love. Oh, the exceedingly good Father, how good He must then be to those who have never offended Him when He is already so very good, gracious and mercif1l1 to me who am the greatest sinner before Him!
"O rejoice, you poor people; for you are poor so that you may receive all the more! Rejoice, you weak ones, for you are weak so that you may receive all the more strength! Rejoice you who are sad, for you are sad so that you may receive all the more joy! Rejoice you hungry and thirsty ones, for you are hungry and thirsty so that you may all the more satisfy your hunger and thirst! Rejoice even you blind spirits; behold, the Lord has made the night that it may feel the need for the day! Who would during the day have felt the need for the day if the Lord had not set the night before the day? O death, if you were not death you, too, would have to rejoice, for you did not go forth from eternal order for your own sake. Who knows whether the Lord did not call you forth so that maybe one day supreme life is to arise out of you.
"Truly, truly, wherever the Lord gives, He gives as a Father according to His boundless love; but the one from whom the Lord will take something should be very happy, for he will receive it back a thousand fold from the hand of the eternal Father.
"O Enoch, O children! I, your father Adam, am blissfully happy because the Lord has allowed me to experience such an immense grace, which is greater than my entire life!
"You, dear Enoch, shall be highly blessed. Your seed shall not become extinct to the end of all times, and your name shall at the end of time be so close to all people as if you were among them. Late speakers of the Lord will praise your love for the Father to their children and follow your example.
"You have never before, until now, shown how attached you are to the holy Father, and through your so very mighty attachment to the Father I have been strengthened.
"And to You, my great God, Lord and Father, be all praise, glory and thanks; for you alone are worthy of receiving this from us!
"Children, let all of you praise the Lord, for He is good, loving and exceedingly gracious and merciful!
"Enoch, behold, this unspeakable feeling of gratitude to God within me almost paralyses my tongue so that I am hardly able to speak. And since we have already reached the children of the evening, you and Asmahael shall now inform them that we are here waiting for them to come to us and receive the blessing and the sacred announcement of tomorrow's Sabbath. Everything else they shall learn and see when they are here. Amen."