God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 90 -


Thereupon the delegated men rose and went to the children, still lying on their faces, and conveyed to them Adam's loving command which was a commandment of freedom, or one that releases what had been imprisoned, because it is a commandment of love.
Then the children stood up and praised and glorified Me for having softened Adam's heart, as otherwise Adam would have ignored them and they would have pined away if they had been any longer oppressed by the evening.
When Enoch had noticed the gratitude in their honest and devout hearts towards Me, as well as towards the arch fathers, he once more concentrated in the spirit of My most faithful love and addressed the following words out of Me to the now awakened children of the evening, saying:
"Listen, dear brothers and sisters in God, our God Who is a mighty Lord over all things and our most loving and holy Father, as well as in Adam who is the first-created out of the almighty, eternal love of God and the physical father of all of us.
The command that kept you isolated in the evening region, which lacks light and love, is now abolished as if it had never existed. The great warmth of God's eternal love has molten the iron bonds, as midsummer melts the hard ice on high mountains, and given you now a different commandment, a law that you are to be free, completely free, as free as I am and all the patriarchs are in the living love for God Who is forever the very highest and purest love, within and by Himself the Life of all life.
"Only if you will love Him more than yourselves, your old people and your children and everything the earth carries and offers, will you recognize within you what it means to be free in the love for God.
"Then God will awaken you. And as until now you were full of fear and anxiety under the hard and heavy pressure of the commandment of wisdom and are now rejoicing at the freedom after we at Adam's bidding awakened you from the long sleep of blind awe, thus, and in an inexpressibly higher measure, you will be rejoicing when God, because of your great love for Him, will in spirit awaken you to everlasting life of both soul and spirit in the contemplation of the highest truth.
Truly, those of you who will begin today shall already tomorrow enjoy a highly blessed heart! But he who will delay his love and rather be active with his intellect shall, instead of the blessing, give his intellect hard stones to chew which will master his weak teeth before they will be able to master the extremely hard, impossible to chew stones of wisdom.
"Let everyone ask himself what is easier: to love God as our most loving and holy Father or to recognize God as God from eternity in the eternal might, power, glory, wisdom, holiness, order and love of His infinite Spirit.
"If you urge your brother to reveal to you the secrets of his heart, behold, then your brother will hide his heart from you and all you will get from him is a rebuke admonishing you to curb your foolish desire and not inquire into the secrets of your brother's heart, but only its love and whether it loves you as you love it. But if you do not inquire into your brother's very own affairs, but love him ten times more than yourself, and if your brother notices this attitude of your heart, behold, then he will open his own heart and reveal everything to you, and this will either be useful and give you great pleasure or, at least, give you complete trust in your brother.
"Behold, dear brothers, thus it is also with God. Who could ever force God to reveal Himself to him? And if He did it, who could comprehend it and remain alive? However, if you love God above all, He will gradually guide and lead you into all wisdom and the highest cognition from eternity to eternity, depending on the intensity of the love you harbor for Him in your heart.
"O dear brothers, therefore do not inquire into such things thus caring for the intellect, but love God, our most loving and holy Father, with all your might and you will receive more in one moment than your keenest intellect would most imperfectly fathom in thousands of years.
"Love is the root of all wisdom. Therefore love if you want to become truly wise. And when you love, do it for the sake of love and never for the sake of wisdom; then you shall be truly wise!
"You are now free in the evening region, but only love will make you completely free in your hearts. Come tomorrow, come all with love to the new celebration of the Sabbath in the true, free love for God! Amen."