God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 91 -


Having concluded his speech, Enoch bowed to his companions and greeted once more the children of the evening. And Seth, Kenan and Asmahael uttered the Amen. Then Seth still spoke a few words to the liberated children, saying:
"Children, you know that it was I who three hundred years ago brought you Adam's command. This saddened you and you found no comfort, and because of that you made sleep your friend.
The command was oppressive and you bore the pressure by sleeping throughout a long night of your hearts. Now I have come to you once more in the midst of those whom God has awakened to enable them to receive His highest grace, which is love in its fullness, so as to proclaim His holy and living Word full of power and might Thus it is neither Adam nor I who liberated you, but solely the great God's holy Word from the mouths of Enoch and Asmahael, whom the strong beast is carrying and whom God has sent to us according to Asmahael's avowal in a miraculous way from the lowlands of which you have heard that they are full of accursed evil. But I believe that he is actually from the height, for no one can speak as he does if he were truly from the lowlands.
"Wisdom is surely not at home in that dumb region, and love even less so.
"But he explained to us the law and showed us our great folly before God as if he were a lord of the law. He came to learn wisdom, but confounded all of us already within an hour, so that even Enoch was mightily embarrassed.
"Did you not earlier hear his word, or at least his very powerful voice? Tell me, can anyone from the lowlands speak with such a voice or has anyone, as long as the earth carries a human race, heard such a speech from the mouth of a man?
"Listen, not just to talk or to while away the time, but in order to fully show you your freedom in the love of God do I now say this to which a powerful feeling urges my tongue. This apparent stranger who, meek in his behavior and overpowering in his word, will one day have himself carried by another animal and a nation of the earth will with contrite hearts be calling to the one sitting on the animal: 'Hosanna to God in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, sitting upon the foal of an ass!'
"Children, and also you, dear Enoch, and you, Kenan, if you can contradict me, do so. But if the same feeling inspires you, it should be worth the effort to watch the so exceedingly eloquent stranger with a most observant eye and the meekest heart. For one who speaks so amazingly of God must either come from God's supreme height, or he is - - -
"In short, I cannot, and may not, say any more!
"Yes, yes, in truth, salvation has come closer to us in the fullness of all life than we are capable of suspecting!
"If someone has the will and believes, let him turn to Asmahael. My feeling tells me that he, who does not become free through Him, as all of us became free through His mighty Word and after a brief battle with our innate darkness, will not ever attain to freedom.
O Asmahael, You dear, sublime stranger, sitting so courageously on the beast, listening with gentleness and meekness to us worms in the dust as if You wished to learn from us whilst every better word from our mouth has already long ago grown within You in the greatest purity before it became defiled by our tongues, do make us free and forever alive in You!
O do not forsake us, but be forever our guide and true liberator of our hearts! Amen, amen, amen."
When Seth had concluded his speech, Asmahael moved into the midst of the three and spoke to them, as follows:
"Listen Seth and you, Kenan, and also you, My sweet and worthiest Enoch! What you, Seth, have felt and expressed before Kenan, Enoch and all the children of the evening, who have not grasped it as yet, you shall for the time being keep to yourselves. They must not know and suspect who dwells under the cover of Asmahael.
"So you must keep silent if you wish Me to still remain your companion, and externally you shall know Me only as the stranger from the low-· land whom Adam gave the name 'Asmahael', not suspecting that it is Jehovah Himself who in the region you call 'morning' came to you unrecognized in order to personally and actively lead you to love and everlasting life on paths known only to Me.
"If it had been My wish Enoch would have already recognized Me quite a while ago and Seth would not have forestalled him. But whoever, like Seth, has to stand a harder test and in his loving care thinks that I am still quite unknown and distant to him, indeed, to such a one I am closest and also to those who love Me like Enoch.
"I am -, as proclaimed by Seth; but now you must be silent concerning Me. However, you may come to Me secretly and receive the highest blessing from Me. If you will curb the desire of your tongue, I shall stay with you as a visible leader for a long time; but if you reveal My identity through only the tiniest word I shall be compelled to leave all of you immediately. Hear amen, hear amen, hear amen. This says Asmahael, amen, hear amen, hear amen!"