God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 95 -


Having heard Adam's question and speech, Enoch rose and addressed the following words out of Me to Adam:
"In the name of the great God Who is with us on all our ways visibly, and invisibly - visible to all who truly love Him and invisible to the wise and all who aspire more after wisdom than true love; thus in the name of this our great, almighty God and most loving Father of all of us, I tell you, beloved and most respected father, that you have mightily strayed from the road of the Lord.
"Behold, I will, can and must tell you now that you have erred very much in your arch fatherly wisdom in accusing the Lord in your heart of mischievousness and having created us only as toys for His amusement.
"O father, if you could only realize how great, how infinitely great your error is you would ask the Lord for your eternal destruction in your remorse and not in your anger. For you would have to condemn yourself because of such gross accusations and wish that all the mountains would collapse upon you to hide you from the face of Him Who has never as yet been so very close to you and all of us as especially now when you consider Him most distant and rail at Him as if you were a lord over Him.
"Do you, father, imagine the Lord to be as inconstant and fickle as we are, like a leaf hanging on gossamer and that He did with His works what infants do with their toys when they have lost interest? O father, what kind of thoughts about God you have allowed to arise in your heart!
"Look, if the Lord were as you accuse Him of being would He not because of you have destroyed all of us long ago? But since He is not at all as you have in your heart mischievously and falsely declared, but only full of infinite love, forbearance and gentleness, even in His whole most holy divine nature exceedingly meek and thereby full of grace and mercy towards us whom He created out of Himself to become living vessels within which, with the help of His constant loving care, a forever immortal, free being similar to Him is to spiritually develop and mature, all of us are still alive, shall still live on this earth for a longer period and within His love and mercy preserve and retain life forever.
"Look, dear father, in your wisdom you have cleverly planned how to obtain the forbidden fruit from me. But believe me, compared with unassuming love the finest wisdom is a course rope, which is actually twisted from fine threads of love, but the threads are no longer free and therefore cannot be joined so very closely together and are no longer so pliant and capable of moving in the tightest spaces.
The rope of wisdom is only suitable for tying heavy, course clumps roughly together for a short time, whereas the tender threads of love twist around the inner core of the most tender life and thus, serving in this way, easily detect the slightest fluctuations in the contemplating soul.
There He is sitting on the fierce beast. It is He Who spoke this to me and to Kenan and Seth. Whether there is something important in all that was said, not I, but the One on the beast will tell you faithfully and also why God bound my tongue before you.
"Compose yourself and let your heart be patient and submissive, then you will soon behold God's greatest wonder! Amen, hear this, amen."
When Adam had heard this unexpected answer from the mouth of Enoch, he cried out aloud:
"My God, my God, why did You create me and forsake me now so completely?
"At the time when rejected by You I kept plunging for eternities You, eternal Love, caught up with me poor being, constructed from Your Word the earth for me and placed me on the same as I partially still am. Now I am crying to You in my heart to either destroy or save me; but You do not want to hear my voice, You let me die of hunger and thirst and even forbid my children to give me for what I hunger and thirst so much!
"O my God, my God, why have You become so hard towards me?
"Listen, children, I tell you: Do whatever you think right and may Asmahael speak to the children as he pleases; but he shall not appease the hunger and thirst my children have not satisfied! For from now on the stomach of my spirit shall suffer hunger and thirst all my life. I shall not accept crumbs and drops from the hand of strangers, but will live solely on what my own inner ground will bear and not allow anyone else to share this with me. My curiosity shall suffocate in the morass of my guilt before God and late tears of remorse shall imbue the dried-up life at the fire of my blind zeal. And long after I have gone may God in the night of the world put on my garment in order to save me and heal the poison-dripping wound which my heart's own serpent has inflicted on my flesh with its sharp teeth for the death of all humans entering this world.
"Children, remember this, for henceforth you will not receive from me much to remember! But the Lord's will be with me and with you forever, amen. I tell you, too: Hear this! Amen."