God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 96 -


When Adam had concluded his speech and found nothing else he would have liked to or could say, the children thanked him for this last communication for, except Enoch, they all thought Adam would now speak no more, Thereupon Enoch drew the children's attention to Asmahael's speech and they concentrated with all their senses on the mouth of Asmahael, and Seth said:
"O Lord, give me now a hundred hearts and seven hundred ears so that nothing may be lost which is now going to flow from You - ah yes - from the mouth of Asmahael as if completely out of Your mouth. O Lord and God and Father, full of extreme love and mercy, do look at me only occasionally during Your - ah yes Asmahael's speech that the earnest and gentle glance of Your eye may illumine the confusion of my impure heart! Amen."
As Seth spoke these words, Adam again opened his mouth and said: "Dear Seth, as I notice from your somewhat embarrassed exclamation the coming speech of Asmahael is more important to you than all Enoch's speeches which were also from God and all my words through which you learned about the nature of God and how this manifests in the Creator of all things and also in the Father full of love for those of my descendants who love Him above all. For until now I have never heard you ask the Lord for a hundred hearts and seven hundred ears for the reception of our words.
"However, I will not ask you for the reason why this is so. Therefore, let Asmahael begin and see to it that we may soon get to those in the midnight region. Amen."
Then Asmahael raised himself and began to address his speech with great patience and forbearance to all, saying:
"Listen all of you, you children of the evening, you fathers and last not least you, Adam. When the grain of wheat is planted in the earth it rots away and from its decomposition arises a new plant and replaces the rotten grain a hundredfold. Thus it is with every word from the mouth of God.
"The heart is the soil, love is the fertilizer and the love of God is the fertile rain; and the light of grace that follows is the warm sunshine. All these four things first of all cause the grain to rot. This state is like the night or the barren winter. In this state man does not know, understand and see anything, and the feeling of destruction is his companion. But when spring comes, or the morning, then from the decomposition roots begin to strike in the soil and where they in love run together in a bunch a new stalk full of life rises and boldly builds itself a new abode for the future maturing of a hundredfold life.
"Look at the stalk on which the ear of corn full of fruit and life is joyously swaying, how it consists of thousands upon thousands of little ducts through which the ear of corn sucks the nourishment from the bosom of the earth. See the long hanging leaves on the stalk how beautiful and practical their shape is with its countless pointed shoots by which to absorb the fare from heaven, thereby to give life to that from the earth - See the brownish rings on the stalk which were made so that the pure life of the new fruit, depending on the extent to which it has risen and freed itself from the mire of the earth's death, firstly, be protected from unclean persecution out of the mud-depth and, secondly, refine and ennoble the nourishment absorbed from the earth and perfectly mix it for life with the alone life-giving food from the heavens. Look at the many long so-called spines dotted with spikes how they all carefully turn towards the light in order to suck greedily the food of grace from God's sun so that the fruit of life enclosed in new little husks may not be nourished by any other fare except by that of the grace from the sun. See the soon appearing lively swinging bloom abundantly provided with the manna from the highest heavens, which looks like a fine dew and gives the fruit its actual forever propagating eternal life. See how when all this has taken place everything on the stalk that was taken from the earth begins to wither and as it were die. However, the more all that is earthly dies off the more the life in the also dying ear of corn and its dying little husks strengthens and frees itself.
"Once the fruit has thus ripened you or your children go to gather it and bring the living fruit to your dwellings and storerooms.
"Behold, this the Lord does, too! You are the corn, your body is the stalk, your soul the purified nourishment from the earth, your spirit is the fare from the heavens and My living Word the manna from the highest heaven which brings you the true everlasting life if you accept it as do the ear of corn and its bloom on the withering stalk of the world. As already mentioned, the Word is planted twice in you; namely, first as a living seed into the soil of your heart for a testing and purifying decay. This Word everyone finds already partially within him and partially through the teaching of awakened teachers and speakers. Once this seed has decayed and the decay has struck new roots to nourish a new life, the other living Word from on high comes - as it does now - over the ear of your new life making it completely mature and free for life eternal Therefore, do become like the wheat and you will soon recognize that only He Who is walking among you has the life and gives it! Hear towards life! Amen."