God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 19 -


And thus spoke Abedam further to Purista: "You have previously told Me that Adam did go forth from the hand of the most holy heavenly Father, full of sublime love and mercy. What would you say if I maintained before you all: 'Adam, as he is, went forth from My hand.'
"And if Adam, on being seriously questioned by you, answered fully in the affirmative?"
And Purista: "You may be exceedingly mighty, but I doubt whether you have freely created a man, and at that our first patriarch Adam, - except the most holy, loving heavenly Father willed it thus.
"If this be the case, not you, but only He again is the great, holy Creator of Adam and you are His mighty tool.
"How, then, can you boast of being a creator yourself? Look, this is not noble of you."
And Abedam: "But look, My tender Purista, I do love the most holy, loving heavenly Father as much as, and even more than, all people taken together love Him. And could you say and believe that I would be endowed with such might as to render the whole of infinity subject to My slightest sign if this were not the case and I not humble to the core?
"What do you now say to it - since, for the sake of the necessary humility I really never can, may and must glorify Myself?"
Here Purista, her parents and Uranion were quite taken aback; and the magnificent pearl of the morning became embarrassed, not knowing what to say.
But finally she took courage and, still clinging to her father, shyly asked Abedam: "Are you really so mighty that there is no end to your power?"
And Abedam: "Do you want to see a sign of My power, strength and almightiness?"
And Purista: "For me, the mighty flash of lightning with the terrible thunder was already sufficient proof of your incomprehensible might; and he who is as mighty as you is surely also strong and powerful.
"That you are really endlessly mighty, - through which active sign could you possibly convince me, a weak little worm in the dust, since I shall never be able, like God, to view infinity?
"Hence, what would I benefit from a sign worked by you in some endlessly remote corner of infinity? Shall I be able to see it and convince myself of it?
"Behold, this is impossible. What should, therefore, such a sign benefit me? Therefore, better leave it be and use your great might for better things than the futile gratification of human curiosity."
Said Abedam: "Well spoken, My dear Purista; truly, the sun is not so pure as you are.
"I can see that it will be difficult to convince you, for whatever you tell Me is pure and light and true. You want no sign and answer My question as though the wisest angel spirit were talking out of you, and so I really come off badly with you.
"But I already see the reason; you are still afraid I might want to separate you from your parents. But do not fear such a thing by any means; for I would rather give your parents a thousand more such dear daughters as you are than deprive them of one hair of their head! Therefore, you shall not live in such great fear of Me, but rather trustingly turn to Me, and you would then in one moment receive more from Me than otherwise in many years.
"It is true: Although all of you cling very firmly to the most holy, loving heavenly Father, - you do not know Him. But this is why I came to you, namely, to teach you to fully recognize this Father, Whom, although you love Him above all, you do not properly recognize in the least
"Behold, you dear, most pious Purista, how could you fail so utterly to recognize My hidden purpose in all My questions to you? Behold, it was not exactly wise of you.
"For surely you must realize that God, your holy Father, does not send to you poor, weak humans mighty messengers of My kind without a most loving intent, who are also not evil and wicked as you thought secretly, but at all times only immensely good and full of sublime love and mercy for you.
"Behold, ponder over this and then ask for a sign from Me, so that from this you will all recognize the holy, most loving heavenly Father and what He is like; for this is His will for you all. Amen."