God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 21 -


When also Uranion saw who the mighty man was he prostrated himself and exclaimed loudly: "Oh what inexpressible grace, - oh what inexpressible, sublime grace! Oh what inexpressible, sublime, most holy grace! Who amongst all of us would ever have dared to dream of this?
The Lord God Jehovah Zebaoth, Who created heaven and earth and all there is in and above the heavens and in, on and above the earth, indeed, all that lives, struggles and moves in, on and above the earth and in all the waters and likewise all that fills the eternal, infinite spaces! - He, the most holy, loving heavenly Father - has descended, a man like us, from His endless height to us poor humans on the lowest, darkest earth!
"Sun, - how dare you still send your rays down to earth, since it is trodden by your Creator, the Father of us all, Who is holy, immensely holy! Away with you and your shine, which is unworthy, as we are; for here a grain of sand touched by His most holy feet shines now more in a moment than all your splendor of long eternities put together! Therefore, shame on you for still daring - to shine!
"And you, inhospitable earth, you cold mother of death, how dare you still exist? Dissolve into the most solemn hymn; cause the most beautiful, fragrant flowers to appear!
"You mountains all, be transformed into shining sacrificial altars; and you trees and grasses all of you, help me to glorify and praise the holy Father!
"For He alone is worthy of receiving all praise, honor, glory, love, thanks and adoration!
"Fall down from the high heavens, all you stars, and you, moon, grow dark and throw yourself down to the earth, and do worship, all of you, - do worship here; for God, God, - He is an eternal, holy God, - the Father, the most holy, loving heavenly Father of all angels and humans! Here He is before us all! Yes, He is in our midst! On this earth He stands and talks with us, teaching us worms in the dust to walk upright!
"Therefore, worship Him, worship Him, all you eternities! And you, infinity, become a worthier great hymn for the most holy Father than is the weak babble of my worm-eaten tongue!
"Where are you now, thunder and lightning, and you winds all, where are you?
"Did not this most holy, loving, almighty Father create you, just like me? Where are you now to praise Him? - Or are you restrained and rendered humble by the utmost, fitting respect?
Then it is worthy and proper for you to have become quiet like a mouse in the earth as it scents the cat above!
O my heart, my poor heart, you want to glorify and praise Him, Him, the Holy One, - the Most High, - and have not even room to accommodate a single tiny spark of His endless, almighty fatherly love! Therefore, be quiet rather than express the impossible!
"And you, weak, worm-eaten tongue, - you too be quiet; for holy, holy, holy is now even the air, which is filled by my unworthy and impure bawling!
O You holy, most holy, three times over most holy Father, - be gracious and merciful towards me, a nothingness of a worm in the dust before You!"
Thereupon the high Abedam stepped up to Uranion, who was still lying on his face trembling, and, lifting him up, raised him and said to him:
"Oh now listen, My beloved Uranion, you have rendered Me the highest praise, have courageously cleaned the sun and brought down the stars from all the heavens, - and, not sparing the earth, have duly praised and treated with distinction the tiny grain of sand under My feet, not forgetting the mountains, the trees and the grass, - and you have given a proper word to the flashes of lightning, the thunder and the storms, not sparing your own heart.
"Behold, your great praise was justified; but I tell you one thing: More than in your praise was contained in the praise given Me by Purista and her parents in the total, silent, quiet contrition of their hearts.
"Behold, whoever can still speak in My presence is still a master of his heart. But in the heart of him who in the presence of My love can no longer speak I have become a Lord, filling it with My love and with the eternal life out of it.
"You, too, are now living, for with your eulogy you cast off everything you found of no value before Me:
"Your own material sun, representing your old love and wisdom; your stars, representing your cognition; your moon, representing mankind's waxing and waning self clove.
"You conquered your mountains; you dissolved the earth in you in My praise and all the trees and all the grass of your desires you sacrificed to Me. You summoned the winds of your honest aspirations and sacrificed in My praise all the lightning flashes of your worldly intellect and the thunder of your earnest, not sparing your eternal spirit out of Me and of your soul, which is a living vessel for an eternal life out of Me, and have thereby emptied your heart so that I may become a Lord of Life in it.
"Behold, only now when you became silent in your heart did I become a Lord in the same. You have thus truly attained to the eternal, imperishable life, and I shall be no alien and unknown Father to you forevermore, but shall always be a well-known, always present, to you always audible, strong, mighty and omnipotent Father, guiding through you all your children. What I shall be - and already am - to you, I will also be to your six brothers and after them to all those who, like you, will truly forsake the world.
"But I shall erect for Myself a new tabernacle close to Gabiel's dwelling, which I shall often visit; for the earth has no purer and more solid place for Me.
"Gabiel, behold, I now bless also you and your child. I shall one day give her a lawful husband who will beget with her a daughter who, in turn, will become the mother of a new people of this earth. And Lamech will give her a husband who will dwell at all times with Me in My great house.
"And now receive My blessing all of you and be full of joy and good courage. Amen."