God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 22 -


And the three fell down at the holy feet of Abedam praising and glorifying Him in the silent contrition of their hearts, and the spot became moist with the tears of their joy and gratitude. And Abedam, bending down, promptly lifted them up and restored courage and perseverance to their hearts.
When the three again became receptive listeners, for which purpose Abedam Himself subdued their hearts' ardor somewhat, He said to them in a voice full of love and tenderness:
"As you are now before Me and I am in you through love as you are also in Me, thus remain in the future and you will not ever miss Me. For, as you will be with Me and in Me, thus I shall be and remain with you and in you forevermore, and your peace and calm will last forever.
"I told you, Gabiel, to erect for Me beside your hut a new tabernacle, wherein I shall take My abode frequently. Behold, the tabernacle is already built! You have prepared for Me this dwelling in your hearts; this is truly a new tabernacle for Me where alone it pleases Me to take My abode.
"What other tabernacle could you have erected for Me?
"As a sign you shall really find in your homeland a tabernacle, already erected by Me. The men shall not enter this with their head covered, but the women shall veil their faces when entering it; for it is pure and holy and extremely solid. In the middle of this tabernacle you will find an altar over which an inextinguishable fire will be burning giving out a great light day and night. From this bright flame brilliant clouds shall always rise upward to heaven.
"You, My most pure Purista, shall prepare for Me on this hearth of love a deliciously aromatic meal as often as I come to you. And only you are permitted to perform there your work of pure love for Me unveiled.
"If you want to cook for Me, you and the others gather fresh, pure wood beforehand; and whenever I visit at various times - mostly unexpectedly - you must be already provided with everything to entertain Me properly.
"But this shall be the sign: The flame will always indicate to you the condition of your heart before Me.
The pure, fresh wood shall signify the steadily renewed and increased love of your heart and the meal to be prepared your total dedication and your submission to My will.
"Verily, if you will do this I shall not fail as a happy guest to very often take a good meal with you. But should, or could, the fire in your heart go out, also the flame on the hearth of pure love will become increasingly dimmer - and I - a rare guest!
"Happy are you all, eating gratefully as children the bread from My hand. But inexpressibly happy is he to whom I come as a guest because he holds in readiness for Me an always well-prepared table and on it a tasty meal, for he never allows the flame on My hearth to go out but keeps it going more and more vigorously; and if I delayed, he would become even busier about the hearth in the tabernacle of all life.
"Verily, when I then shall come unexpectedly, meeting My host busy and active about My hearth in My tabernacle, - I say: verily, verily, his reward and his joy will never come to an end!
Thus I make the three of you such a host and give you also a tabernacle built from the tabernacle of your hearts and a ready, always burning hearth which can be likened to the unwavering faithfulness, just as the flame on it is like the flame in your hearts, full of pure love for Me.
"Henceforth, remain for Me faithful stewards of this to you entrusted shrine in the morning and you will soon convince yourselves of the abundance of blessing going forth from this tabernacle over the whole morning region as well as all its neighbors.
"And you, My dear, pure Purista, shall remain My cook in the kitchen of love and at the hearth of eternal life, - and I shall be your guest
To whom you will ever give food and drink in My name, you will give it as if you had prepared a meal for Me personally.
"And I shall thus look upon it and bless you just as if I had eaten the meal Myself. But whoever wants to take sustenance from this tabernacle must approach it well-provided and laden with fresh wood.
"He who will come empty-handed both within and without shall return home empty-handed.
"You, My dear, pure Purista, will find in the tabernacle a proper number of the cleanest vessels. You shall use them to cook three each of the abundant fruits from your enlarged garden, like those you gave with great amazement to Adam, in pure water, reserving a large vessel for Me every day, morning, noon and evening, as well as a vessel of like size for everyone desiring sustenance in a fair and dignified manner. But for yourself and your parents you shall use the smallest vessel and the smallest fruits.
"However, when the fruits are soft and sweet enough, take at first the cooking vessel for the strangers off the fire, then do the same with yours; the one meant for Me, however, you shall not take off the fire until I call Myself or send someone in My name who will either eat My meal himself or distribute it in My name to you all.
Thus I give you My new blessing for this new ministry; be faithful stewards, and I shall remain your always blessing guest not only here, but also one day in your Father's great house in the beyond. Amen."