God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 23 -


However, some of the patriarchs were wondering in their hearts as to which of the two female favorites of Abedam was the more beautiful. So the poet Kenan stepped up to Abedam to ask Him about this on behalf of several others.
But Abedam, anticipating him, asked him: "Kenan, are you content in your heart if I merely tell you?"
Kenan answered Him: "Lord and Father, what can I now reply to You? You see my heart. I know that both my and our wish is of a twofold nature: We want to see the face of Purista, just as we - albeit merely from afar - saw that of Ghemela, but at the same time also hear a word from You expressing Your liking; otherwise we do not know how matters stand, namely, which of the two may be greater before You.
"See, having almost racked our brains and hearts about it, we still cannot arrive at a proper verdict.
"Of course, it has nothing to do with mankind's salvation, but a not too unimportant secondary aim of our earthly life should well be to recognize what is more pleasing to You. Thus, if it be Your holy will, would You graciously grant us this request."
Hereupon Abedam said to Kenan: "So summon all the curious to this place and we will see what their verdict will be. Amen."
And Kenan promptly summoned those having the same desire to come without delay. Abedam, calling Ghemela and Purista to Him, embraced Ghemela with His left arm and Purista with His right arm and told them in a gentle voice to unveil themselves before the patriarchs.
Both promptly pushed their luxurious hair back from their face and looked at the patriarchs, full of reverence, love and friendliness.
But as soon as the curious patriarchs beheld these two heavenly beauties they were thrown to the ground as by lightning, and none of them dared again lift his eyes to view and judge the two beauties.
And Abedam asked Kenan: "Well, you old poet of My honor, what do you think: Which of the two is more beautiful, which closer to Me? Having seen both of them, you will surely be able to pass a verdict."
Said Kenan, trembling all over: O most holy Father, almighty God! Oh, let me crawl into the skin of an ass, me, the greatest fool! Oh, what I have done, what folly I have committed!
"I, myself blind, foolishly presumed to act as judge, indeed as a miserable judge here between two luminous, celestial suns, both of whom are now being carried equally closely and exaltedly on the hands of the most holy heavenly Father!
"Whether left or right, whether sun in the morning, noon or evening, which is more beautiful, which more sun?
O nonsense, nonsense, - who has for so long secretly fostered you in my otherwise illumined breast?
O You holy Father, You eternal love, forgive me miserable simpleton, fool, ox, ass, worm in the dust, blind mole, - and do not proclaim to us swine Your holy Word, previously so foolishly requested by me, a swine. For we are not worthy of hearing the voice from the most holy mouth, not worthy of hearing a holy verdict over the Angels of angels of the purest heavens.
"Oh what glory, what brilliance! - O You eternal Mildness, Humility, Faithfulness, You Love of all love, holy, most holy, - what kind of beings, what glorious children You do create out of Yourself!
"Be silent, silly, gloomy, cold tongue; for too holy is He before Whom you let flow foolish talk just as if you might, or could, say anything wise. So be quiet, you dirty tool of nonsense, of the greatest foolishness!
"O holy Father, forgive, forgive us blind, miserable fools. Your holy will be done, Your Amen, Amen, Amen!"
And Abedam made the two again veil their faces before the patriarchs and told them: "You are both equally dear to Me, neither of you being less or more. Therefore, remain as you are now, and you will be always as close to Me as you are now. Amen."
After these words Abedam gently set them down again. And the two, settling down promptly at Abedam's feet, began to thank and praise Abedam unanimously with the following words within their hearts, which they were unable to utter:
"Holy, most loving Father, full of the greatest mildness, gentleness, patience and mercy, how can we, You most holy Father, be worthy of such grace from You?
"You deem us worthy; but are we worthy of this honor?
"For our sake the exalted fathers have become confounded before You and all the children. The fault lies alone with our faces, for Your holy grace has probably endowed us with more beauty than some other, also weak, woman.
"But to You, O most holy, good, wise and loving Father, our eternal gratitude and all our love and praise for everything, for how and why You created us thus; for everyone of Your gifts is always a most wise and good one.
"Only here we are sorry for the exalted fathers who now because of us are languishing, mourning - and even weeping here on the ground.
"O You dearest, alone most beloved Father, have mercy on them and strengthen them again with Your most holy love and forgive also us, whose fault it surely is that the exalted fathers are now so miserable before You! Your holy will be done now, as in all Eternity of eternities."
And Abedam said to them: "My dear little daughters, do not worry needlessly. See, those who so justly humble themselves before Me are not at all so badly off as you imagine, but on the contrary. For no one is closer to Me, nor am I ever closer to him, than during his greatest abasement before Me. This is also the case with these patriarchs, whom in your tender hearts you pity, blaming yourselves needlessly without being at fault.
"Or do you think that the one whom I carryon My arms also is capable of sin, in spite of his free will?
Therefore, are of a glad and cheerful heart; for this I have anticipated from eternity. Thus you are not at fault; but go to the patriarchs and tell them in My name to rise. Amen."
And the two promptly ran over to the patriarchs conveying the Lord's will.
Thereupon the patriarchs rose and praised God in a loud voice.
But Abedam sent the two back to their own people and then asked Kenan:
"Well, - to which of them do you now award the prize?"
But Kenan placed his hand over his mouth.
And Abedam said to him: "If you desist from your verdict, so do I; for, of two most beloved ones neither can be the more beloved.
"Yet there is a difference between them; but the world does not see these differences.
"And so return to your former place. Amen."