God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 27 -


And Enoch, thanking the high Abedam for this commission, promptly stepped up to Gabiel and said to him:
"Gabiel, summon your brother Lamel; the Lord needs him."
And Gabiel promptly did as he was bidden through Enoch on behalf of the Lord.
When Lamel arrived in great haste, he bowed down full of the greatest reverence before Enoch asking him:
"Most reverend father and teacher Enoch, you wise beloved one of the Lord, the holy, most loving Father, what, surely in the name of the Lord, do you want me to do? Behold, I am ready to chase the winds to the end of the world, if it be the Lord's holy will."
Thereupon Enoch said to him: "You are of good will, that I have known before I summoned you. But this is why you are chosen, namely, to go forthwith to where your brother Hored is living secretly with his wife Naeme from the lowlands, for she is a daughter of the king Lamech from the city of Enoch and was not previously blessed by Adam and all the other patriarchs.
Tell him that the Lord summons him forthwith together with his wife Naeme. If he should resist, show him the enemies who have spied him out from the city of Enoch, armored to the teeth and waiting for a favorable moment when they can deliver him up together with his wife to the cruelest revenge of Lamech.
Tell him that up till now the Lord's hand has protected him. Unless he follows you promptly, the Lord will withdraw His arm and he can then see how he will cope with a thousand vengeful enemies who will attack him like angry lions, tigers and hyenas.
"If, however, he is agreeable, take him and his wife immediately by the arms, and the power of the Lord, with which you were filled while I held my hands over you in the Lord's name, will promptly save you all from the enemies rushing in upon you.
"So, rise and hurry to fulfill the most holy will of the Lord, the holy and loving Father of us all!
The grace, love and mercy of the Lord be with you now, as always and forever. Amen."
As soon as Enoch finished speaking, Lamel rushed away, like a young hart and, owing to his now indwelling strength, arrived after only a few minutes in front of a rather poor hut almost a day's journey from the morning region in the direction towards midnight, where he found what he was looking for.
As soon as Hored saw him, he hastily and angrily sprang out of his hut, grabbed Lamel's hand and roared:
"Unfortunate one! What leads you here? Must my first curse come upon you, you, Lamel, my otherwise most beloved brother?
"Look, I have sworn a sacred oath to my wife, namely, to throttle the first man who would come here to disturb us in our happy, solitary peace, even if it were Adam himself!
"I hid away in the remotest corner of the earth wanting to live there unobserved by human eyes, for I have found what no one has ever found, and am endlessly happy with this my find!
"Miserable one! Who showed you the way to this remotest corner of the earth? Speak up, or I tear you at once in a thousand pieces which I will then feed to the ravens!"
But Lamel, looking the raving Hored firmly in the eyes, said to him half questioningly: "Hored! Is this the way you receive your rescuer, whom the almighty God Himself has sent to you, Who now, walking among us visibly, teaches and works on the sacred heights?
"But before you begin to throttle and tear me in pieces, I must show you that, for one thing, those endowed with divine power do not let themselves be easily throttled and then torn in pieces, - even if you had given a hundred oaths to your wife.
"However, so that you may see that I am not, like you, a noisy thunderer but truly in possession of the Lord's will, do come here to this old, manly strong cedar to uproot it and then fling it across this mountain into the face of the thousand enemies from the city of Enoch who lie in ambush for you.
"If you can do this, then seize and throttle me provided you can and may. Secondly, on this occasion look also around a little, just down here into the open valley, and observe who else today on the Sabbath approaches your hut to seize you and then, together with your wife, deliver you up to the most bloody revenge of Lamech for the elopement with his daughter Naeme."
And Hored ran to the cedar attacking it with all his might; but the cedar did not budge.
When he could do nothing with the cedar he roared at Lamel: "Villain! So do uproot it yourself!"
And Lamel merely touched the cedar, whereupon the mighty tree was struck down in splinters as if it had never been there.
Thereupon Lamel pointed his finger in the direction of the valley showing Hored a well-equipped army from the city of Enoch and then asked Hored: "Well, what about your threat? Do you not want to tear me in pieces and - ?"
At this, Hored cried in a loud voice: "Great God! Now I am lost!
"I have always thought that it might come to this!"
And Lamel said to Hored: "If you have long since thought that this might happen, why did you not go home to the land of your fathers long ago? They would have blessed you like all the others, and even more, since you were a true emissary and it was not your fault that Lamech gave you Naeme; but what Lamech gave you was a true gift for you alone the right to which no one would have disputed you, even if you had demonstrated to us her great beauty a hundred times.
"Look, brother, you had no reason to flee before us, yet you did flee! Just why did you flee?
"Look, I will tell you: When you went to the city of Enoch in the lowlands you were endowed with great might and power through the great blessings on the part of all the fathers, so that the smart Lamech, seeing that he could do nothing to harm you, resorted to the ruse of giving you Naeme in order to get rid of you and at the same time fetter you with the worst bonds of the serpent.
"For he thought in his heart: 'If he (meaning you, Hored) is really sent to me by some higher being, such as the old God whose mighty voice I myself once heard soon after I had slain my two brothers, he will not ever accept anything from me, least of all the woman who is already bound to another man.'
"However, exactly when Lamech least expected it you let yourself be ensnared by his cunning by accepting the worst poison from the hand of the most despicable traitor against God! And what was the result of this poison? I tell you, nothing more nor less but that you promptly fled to this place, already pursued by several armed spies from the city of Enoch, without considering or having considered whether the power given you by the fathers of the pure heights was still with you or not.
"Of course, Lamech and your pursuers were still of the opinion that you were still as mighty as you had been a short while ago. However, now that he had made a great offering to the serpent by abominably dishonoring and in the end even cursing the name of Jehovah, the serpent showed him your utter weakness, wherefore he sent a well-equipped army of a thousand of the strongest men from the city of Enoch who were to apprehend you and deliver you up to his great vengefulness; likewise Naeme who was to hold the whole realm together by being, as previously, a common whore to all the great of his realm who, without her, would all have now revolted against him.
"Look, in your happiness and your jealousy towards us, your brothers, you thought you had to hide in the remotest corner of the earth so as to be able to enjoy a bliss undisturbed by us. Indeed, we believed that you wanted for nothing and blessed you as well and as often as we could.
"But the great, most holy teacher and most loving Father of us all, Who now is still amongst us, opened our eyes and clearly showed us how matters stand with you and your wife. Therefore, He has sent me to you so that I might save both you and your wife and lead you before Him so that also you might partake of His blessing, His love and His grace.
"Hored, brother, - do recognize the Lord's will, call your wife out of the hut and let me take you both under the arms quickly so that, before the already very close myrmidons of Lamech will infallibly seize you, I can save you from perdition in the name of the Lord!"
And Hored exclaimed: "O brother Lamel, only now do I recognize you! If you can save us, behold, here is my arm! And behold, there comes Naeme out of breath from the hut, offering you her arm, as you demanded; and thus the Lord's will be done. Amen."
And forthwith Lamel seized also Naeme; and no sooner had he seized them both firmly than from all sides the enemies attacked Hored's hut amidst the wildest clamor.
When Naeme perceived and saw this she cried out with fear and said: "For the almighty God's sake, we are lost! - - My poor Hored!"
And also Hored cried out. But Lamel said to them both: "Just have a look around and see where you are now; only then cry out if it is still necessary."
Now they both opened their eyes and were utterly astonished at finding themselves hale and hearty near Adam's cave, at the exit of which, towards morning, Enoch and Somebody else were already expecting them with outstretched open arms.