God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 28 -


When Lamel saw Enoch, accompanied by the high Abedam, hurry towards him, he let go of the two, threw himself down before those approaching and praised and thanked the high Abedam for this great grace and love shown to his brother Hored and his wife Naeme, as well as for the great grace shown him, namely, for choosing him as a mighty rescuer for the two.
As soon as the high Abedam, together with Enoch, had reached the three He bade Lamel rise from the ground and said to him:
"Lamel, you know Me and Enoch; your rescued brother does not know Me but only Enoch, while his wife knows neither you nor Enoch and least of all Me. Therefore, let us at first keep silent about us and who we are and go on a different road to Adam's hill in the morning, where we can then proceed to some inner cognition. Amen."
The high Abedam had hardly finished speaking when, lo, there arose beyond the morning and midday regions a mighty smoke, just as if almost a quarter of the earth had caught fire.
Thereupon Enoch took Abedam aside and said to Him: "Holy Father! Look there, a mighty, dense smoke is rising from the lowlands! What does this mean?"
And Abedam replied: "Just be patient for a little while and you will soon convince yourself of the great recklessness and wickedness of Lamech.
"Behold, yesterday's storm worked particularly great devastations in Lamech's gardens and did great damage among his rich herds. Therefore, he has now sent out armed servants and provided them with burning torches to ignite all the forests and thus also the mountains including their original inhabitants. Look, this is behind all the dense smoke.
"However, come along with Me to the great white rock and we will catch the incendiaries in the act. Amen."
And forthwith all five persons, Abedam included, walked up to the great white rock.
Soon they arrived there and the high Abedam pointed out to Enoch from a high rocky ledge the incendiaries below.
When Enoch saw this he was carried away, so much so that he called out in a strong voice to Abedam:
"O You Whom only my heart calls by name! Did You use up all the lightning yesterday? Behold, here a few thousand would be extremely handy to use against these evildoers!
"The worm tries to rebel against God! O Lord! Now I would truly love to make some use of the strength, might and power with which You endowed me!
O sun, you luminous, great workshop for the Lord's great lightning - now, now let quickly and noisily flash several thousand of them down to earth, accompanied by unheard-of thunder, so that the whole earth is shaken to its innermost foundation!"
But the high Abedam, seizing Enoch's hand, said to him: "Stop it, stop it, My beloved Enoch! We want by no means to tackle the matter with the same heat as those down there have begun to do.
"Let us this time leave the lightning be; for behold, today we celebrate the Sabbath, which is not a day of judgment but a day of stillness, peace and love, of grace and mercy out of it and of all blessing from the Lord God, the Creator of all things and Father of all angels and humans.
Woe betides all created beings, should the Sabbath ever become a day of cursing!
Therefore, we release today these stone-blind evil-doers from the judgment by fire and instead let the clouds release a mighty rain over the work of the blindest folly and wickedness - and you can be assured that every drop will be of more benefit to a burning tree than a thousand lightning in the place of each single drop.
"Behold, for now we will still extinguish the fire with water, for the time is still far when it will be a matter of fire against fire; yet when it will come, woe betide the mountains, trees, shrubs and the grass on the earth!
"But now no more about fire; you, Enoch, stretch out your hands in My name and command the clouds to gather to an abundant rain over this already widespread forest fire. But the heights shall remain free for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; for this is for all the appointed time of My visible presence. Thus fulfill My will within you. Amen."