God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 45 -


After this, Abedam turned to Pariholi and said to him: "Pariholi, behold, every honest and diligent worker is wholly worthy of his reward.
"In the meantime, I have quickened your family for you, of which you must just have convinced yourself since your wife and your seven children received you with open, already immortal arms when you arrived here with this My son (meaning, Adam)" - This reward must have a very beneficial effect on the love held by the father, but then the father may ask a more profound question relating to himself, such as: 'What really do I myself benefit from the fact that my family has become immortal, embracing me with immortal arms, since I know that my whole share in this consists in the great fatherly joy of knowing about my family's immortality, while immediately after feeling intensely and in all clarity in my whole body and my limbs my own mortality?'
"Behold, this is surely a fair question, asked of your own heart. And in consequence of this question which actually did not come from you, but solely from Me within you, shall be done to you what was done to your family and what has ahead been done to you when your loved ones took you into their arms. You have already been made immortal by the fact that I have called you to carry My Word in you to wherever My love would send you; but notwithstanding all this, you, as a faithful messenger of My will to Adam, are worthy of a further reward.
"Behold, I leave it to your completely free will. Ask your heart; whatever it desires shall soon be done to you.
"If you want the sun at your feet, I tell you: Truly, it will have to comply with My will promptly.
"Or do you want the moon? It will obey My slightest hint.
"Or do you want all the stars? I assure you they will fall at your feet like snowflakes.
"Or do you want the bowels of the earth? You can believe Me when I say: A mighty, great serpent-like coil will forthwith spread itself out around your feet.
"Hence, whatever you desire, shall - as I have already told you - be done to you. Amen."
But at this Pariholi threw himself at Abedam's feet and, weeping, entreated Him: O You most loving, most holy Father, God, Jehovah! For what shall the great folly of my heart ask You since You, in Your grace, have already given to me, a worm in the dust before You, immortality?
O You most holy, good Father, I shall never be able to thank You enough for even the smallest part of Your holy gifts to me unworthy one; for even each breath of air is an immense kindness coming from You to us men, which all the angels cannot praise sufficiently, - let alone other things!
"And I, an abominable worm of the dirtiest dust before You, should be so bold as to seriously ask, as a reward due to me good-far-nothing, for things mentioned by Your most holy tongue, or maybe for even other unheard-of things?
"No, no, Father, most holy Father! Rather let me monster before You be torn apart by all the snakes and vipers of the earth lest my heart should harbor the faintest thought of asking You for even more than You have any· way granted me through Your unfathomable, eternal, endless, inexpressible fatherly goodness of which I am not in the least worthy!
"O most holy Father, graciously look upon my feeble gratitude for Your endless blessings, accept it and allow also me to love You above all! Behold, O most holy Father, - this is all my heart is longing for. Your holy will be done."
While Pariholi was saying this, Abedam held His hands before His eyes hiding His tears before the other fathers. But soon He uncovered His eyes and, mightily moved, bent down to the still weeping Pariholi, lifted him up and said to him:
"Pariholi, you seem to have asked for the least; but truly, I tell you, it is the very greatest.
"Thus you shall have in exceedingly full measure My love, and your whole small family with you, not only temporally, but eternally.
"Your daughters shall be beautiful like morning stars, and your sons I will endow with a power in their eyes enabling them to see the writing of the stars and read its meaning.
"Your wife shall have a share in My heart, just as you have the fullest share in My love; and I shall not forsake you in eternity.
"And so come to My fatherly heart, all of you! Amen."