God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 44 -


Thus Pariholi accompanied Adam to the high Abedam. Abedam received the now most contrite Adam with the greatest friendliness and said to him: "Adam, will the time ever come when you recognize Me as the Father and not just more and more as a judge?
"Yesterday you saw Me from the most humble side and I let Myself be recognized only gradually by you, as well as by all your children, so that nobody might be impeded in the freedom of his heart through My visible presence.
"However, since I let Myself be gradually recognized in a manner that no one should be restricted in the freedom of his life-sphere before Me, you did recognize Me and with your mouth acknowledged Me as the holy, most loving Father, - but your heart never gave itself wholly to this Father; because where the Father entered, also the judge entered with Him, who then coerced your heart to love Me, albeit to fear Me three times as much as to love Me.
"And in this ambiguous relationship you have continued to this very minute, never able to grasp Me with all your love, for you feared Me and in this fear could never see in Me the Father, but always only the judge.
"Then I awakened you mightily, and now you come to Me as a loving son, but the love in your now ardent heart is not your own; for I have kindled it freely in you in order to fully awaken you. I tell you: The Father and the judge are not yet separated within you. Now seek to grasp the Father in you with the strength of your own life. Yes, do grasp Him fully, separating the wretched judge from Him, for he has at all times prevented you from beholding the Father's endless love in the brightest light before you and all the children issued from you.
"Now realize that I did not come to you as a judge, but as a most loving holy Father, to give with My own hand already on earth to all children the most glorious, most holy seed for eternal life. Then you will surely and dearly recognize in your own glowing heart that the judge and the Father are not ever reconcilable in the loving hearts of the children, but at all times only the Father as such or the judge as such must become master of their life; the Father towards eternal life- and the judge towards the eternal death of the spirit of love.
"Hence, calmly and joyfully separate within you the most loving, holy Father from the unloving, wrathful, most severe judge, and you will cease to quake and tremble before Me and instead shout and jump with joy and fearless, childlike love for Me, your eternal, most loving, most holy Father.
"Be assured of the fact that all who implore Me as the Father will never see Me as a judge, whereas those who at all times prefer to regard the most loving Father in their terrified heart as the strictest, most terrible judge, will then unfortunately find in Me the relentless judge; had they been of a loving heart they would unfailingly have found in Me the most loving Father.
"Take good note of this, Adam My son: What you seek, you will find, either the loving, holy, good Father, eternal Love, and through it and in it eternal life, or, as has been sufficiently testified to here, the judge, the eternal, quite inexorable, condemning judge of the dead who had refused on this earth, their trial place, to turn in fearless, faithful and pure love to Me, their most loving Father, so that I might have fully quickened and admitted them to the eternal life in the spirit.
"Take good note of this in a loving heart, you and everyone, and the judge will soon disappear and in his stead the most loving, holy Father will establish for Himself the most pleasant and blissful dwelling place in your loving hearts.
"Do you understand the words, which I have just spoken faithfully?
"Yes, Adam, do understand them in the depth of the heart of love and of the innermost life out of Me and within Me; do listen and behold and perceive this everlastingly. Amen."
After this speech Adam sank to Abedam's bosom, weeping in the supreme bliss of the most ardent love; for only now did he recognize the holy Father in full clarity, so that he was unable to speak, overwhelmed by his immense bliss.
And Abedam pressed him so tightly to His bosom that from this act everyone had to see and recognize that Jehovah is a truest Father of all humans. Thereupon they all began to crowd around Him trustingly, and the whole height was soon enveloped in bright, gently warming flames of love towards the most holy Father.
On this wondrously sacred and solemn occasion Abedam made this remark: "Adam, look, this is the true preliminary burning on the earth preceding that great after-burning or rather main burning which will one day after this life follow in My endless kingdom of eternal life.
"Therefore, abide with that always; it is the true one which is alone pleasing to Me, the Father. - Do comprehend it all of you. Amen."