God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 57 -


Soon also Garbiel stepped up to Enoch for he wanted to exchange a few words with him, but more out of a desire to talk than out of a true, inner need.
But Enoch, anticipating him, said to him: "Garbiel, listen, the Lord and most loving Father of us all sends you word that you shall now be silent if you, too, want to be awakened.
"Or have I ever, through the holy instruction of Him Who is walking among us, recommended to you also the merry agitation of the tongue as a means of awakening?
"I tell you: Take good note of what has been said and you will find the way into your own heart, - but never through the agility of your tongue, which will bar rather than open to you the road to eternal life.
"Behold, up until now you have been the first, or rather you imagine to be a chief among your brothers. But this has no value whatsoever before the Lord of all holiness, love, meekness and patience, but only a loving, contrite heart full of remorse has.
"For everything that comes into prominence in the world, in God's sight is in the background. But whoever is here a completely unnoticed, least inhabitant of this earth, is for this reason the most esteemed with God.
"However, let no one be the last maybe out of selfishness but solely so that he may be able to love even more the most loving Father in such seclusion and have even more longing in his heart to return to the eternal homeland, where the most holy Father is dwelling permanently as the God of all might, power, authority and strength.
"In case you, dear brother Garbiel, should not have known this, take good note of it now so that you, too, will be able to take part in the awakening to take place soon!
"For you will not be able to approach the most holy and most loving Father until you will have fully probed your heart.
"But you know as much as I do what a difference there is between a well-ripened and a prematurely harvested fruit. Take good care that you may not be considered among the prematurely harvested fruits!
"It is a sacred truth that the great, holy Perfecter is living and teaching among us and guiding us, - but whoever comes to Him with an immature heart, him He will leave alone until his heart is fully mature. Once this has happened also the perfecting of the spirit will not be far off.
"But it is not enough for one to be awakened only for a year, a day or an hour; whenever someone becomes awakened, he becomes awakened for the whole of eternity.
"However, the spirit does not dwell in the tongue, but alone in the heart. But this does not mean that someone with an awakened tongue has also an awakened spirit in his heart; for the tongue is a part of the head, being the foot and arm of the same.
"When the spirit is awakened, the tongue of the head prefers quiet to aimless motion. Only then does the intellect of the head, as the natural material light of the soul, understand what an endless difference there is between the tongue of the spirit and that of the flesh.
"Therefore, also you, dear brother Garbiel, should follow the instruction of the most holy Father and keep silent with your tongue. Instead, let all the more love talk in your heart for the awakening of your spirit and, therefore and thereby, the sure gaining of life eternal. - Understand and heed this well! Amen."
But when Garbiel had heard this speech he was frightened in his heart and, not knowing what to do now, he began to ponder things. And the more he pondered the lighter it became in his heart, so that he became quite silent. And in this silence he gazed and watched how one light after another began to emerge from the depth of his heart, and how the heart began to expand to the size of a world; and in the center of this now seemingly endless world he saw a high altar erected and on it a powerful youth in white garments.
And this youth looked up to heaven, out of which an immensely strong light poured over him; and out of this light it sounded in clearly audible words, as follows:
"Garbiel, Garbiel, look at the signs in your hand, which is at the side of your heart, and with these signs write the word on stone tablets, and teach this also to your brothers!"
And the youth turned into a man and examined his hand and found twenty-five signs (the Alphabet; ed.) on the same, together with their names and their origin as well as their inner meaning.
And all the others discovered similar signs within them.
And Enoch was instructed to awaken them after close to an hour and a half had elapsed during this inner contemplation.
And soon Enoch awakened them also and in great friendliness led them to Abedam.