God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 58 -


When they had returned to Abedam and offered Him their praise and heartfelt gratitude Abedam questioned one of the twelve, saying:
"Well then, My beloved Vratah, tell Me briefly what you saw in your heart and what you conclude from it."
And Vratah, overwhelmed by his great humility and trembling to his innermost core, took a little time to recover and then said:
O You eternal, holy, endlessly mighty, strong, powerful, mild, gentle, most patient, sublime, wise Father and God, full of grace, mercy and love, Creator of all things, should it be necessary to tell You with the tongue what from eternities surely has been clearer and more obvious to You than is to me the sun on a brightest and calmest day? "
And Abedam replied: "How can you ask Me like that?
"Did I not demand this from you? But, knowing that I have most clearly foreseen what you beheld and perceived, how could you now fail to realize that I must also have foreseen from eternity what I was asking you about although I see only too clearly in every minute detail what you have seen and perceived within you?
"Since you must now at least realize all this, do not ask further but answer the question just as if I did not know that about which I am asking; for you can be fully assured that I well know why I am asking you, - and why you will give Me the answer which has been well-known to Me from eternities, that I also know.
"Notwithstanding all this I want you to answer My question exactly as if I were totally ignorant of the answer you will be giving Me.
"Take note of this also all of you; and whoever among you will be asked, let him answer thus!
"However, I do not wish to talk with you as with stones, but like a father with his living children capable of speech.
"And so you, Vratah, answer anyway to My erstwhile question. Amen."
And forthwith Vratah took courage and began, with a heart full of gratitude, to reveal what he had beheld in his heart.
And these were the words describing Vratah's vision, namely:
O You, Whose name my tongue hardly dares pronounce any more, if You will it, any other will must yield, first of all mine!
"I saw a strong light emerge in my heart, which was more luminous than the sun in its most luminous center. And when I perceived this light within me, it became dark outside of me on the earth, so that I could no longer discern anything.
"This light kept increasing more and more and, finally, became so powerful that it illumined me in all my parts, so much so that my outer skin felt as if I were bathed in the light of the sun and a large part of the earth then became illumined through this light of my skin.
"And when the light fell onto the earth, all things looked different from what they used to look when seen with the eyes of the flesh.
"Thus, for instance, I saw a leaflet from a tree, blown straight onto my right hand by a slight, gloriously sounding breeze, inscribed with the most curious-looking signs. The beautiful signs captured my attention and I placed the leaflet onto my left hand so as to examine it at leisure.
"But while I was thus inspecting it, it suddenly hit me that the leaflet showed, I would say, exactly the same signs as those which I had discovered on my hand; the only difference being that in my hand there were just twenty-five such signs individually, whereas on the leaflet the same signs were repeated many times in multiple combinations.
"And the leaflet began to expand in size and became larger and larger, and it seemed to me to be expanding almost over the whole earth.
"But, as the leaflet kept expanding more and more also the sign combinations increased, so much so that it would have been a sheer impossibility to survey even the minutest part of the endless rows and groupings.
"But as I became more and more lost in this my most glorious, most wondrous picture, behold, all of a sudden this heavenly light in me went out, the leaflet disappeared along with the light and the glorious Aeolian sounds, and then Enoch's voice summoned us here to You, O most holy Father.
"This is all I have seen according to Your most holy will and by Your most gracious permission. To You alone all praise, all honor, all gratitude, all glory, all love and all adoration for it forever! Amen."
Hereupon Abedam commended his faithfulness and then said: "Behold, beloved Vratah, what you saw is the Kingdom of My Grace on earth!
"I cannot always remain with you as you are now seeing Me; besides, it would benefit no one towards eternal life if I did or could remain.
"But I will leave to you signs such as the ones you and all your brothers have seen, by means of which you will be able to record with the aid of My Spirit every word issuing from My mouth to you all, even for the latest descendants. And in this recorded word I shall be at all times amongst you, holy, gracious, strong and powerful!
"How these signs have to be executed, My Spirit will teach you through Garbiel! Amen."