God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 59 -


When Vratah had thus fulfilled Abedam's will, Abedam had given him the most reassuring explanation of his inner vision and Vratah had thanked Abedam for it from the bottom of his heart, Abedam called another out of the twelve by name, who was called Sehel, and asked him with the same words, saying:
"Sehel, do tell Me also what you saw and perceived in your heart."
When Sehel heard that the question was put to him to answer, he was as struck by lightning, not able to utter one word, especially since by nature he had a somewhat inflexible tongue. But this was not a coincidence, as it is nowadays said and believed in a most blind, foolish way, but so that through his heavy tongue My name should be greatly glorified.
Since poor Sehel, despite all his endeavors and effort, could not utter anything and for this reason was gripped by a mighty fever of anxiety, Abedam stepped up to him and asked him:
"Sehel, how do you explain that you can talk without such fear and panic to your brothers who, compared with Me, do not love you at all?
"Behold, My love for you and you all is so great that from its fire the endless spaces of creation, filled with countless solar regions, are ignited. Yet all these suns are only the minutest spark of My love for you and you, out of your excessive fear and anxiety, do not dare give Me the demanded answer! How do you explain this?
"Tell Me in your heart whether any brother ever ~truck you on the mouth when you answered one of his questions.
"Behold, you deny this in your heart.
"Since already your brother who, like you, is a weak human, has never struck you, how much less I, Who am the almighty, eternal God and your true, holy, most loving Father Myself, shall strike you!
"Therefore, control your idle, foolish fear and your vain anxiety and speak with an open heart before Me and all the patriarchs!
"So do not rack your brain too long for the most suitable words with which to address Me - for this does not please Me at all -, but what your heart will tell you, in the same manner pass it on to Me, and I shall take a true pleasure in the pure, true speech of your heart. Amen."
These words from the most holy mouth of Abedam encouraged our Sehel so much that soon not only all fear and anxiety left him completely, but also the otherwise existing heaviness of his tongue. And thus he began to relate all the wondrous things he had beheld within at this particular time.
But this is what he saw in his heart, and thus he related it, saying: O You eternal, dear, holy Father! Truly, truly, I was an immensely great fool; it is still so clear and transparent before my eyes and all my senses!
O Father, Your endless love, goodness, mercy and grace - and my immensely foolish fear and anxiety before You! Oh forgive me, You dear, holy Father!
"Behold, in my case it was not only Your holy, visible presence which prevented me from speaking, but also the extraordinarily wondrous vision I had experienced had a strong effect on my anyway heavy tongue.
"However, Your almighty Word has so completely strengthened me that now I am without all fear, for I have profoundly learned for the first time that only You alone are the holy Father of us all. And so I am only too glad to relate what is still so wondrously gloriously and awesomely floating and sounding before all my senses. And this is how it was:
"Right away my heart began to glow as red as a beautiful spring-rose when it is greeted by dawn's first rays; but that was not all, for the redness kept growing stronger and stronger, just as you see it on a very fine spring morning before the full rise of the glorious sun.
"And, what I could not possibly ever have envisaged, soon a most glorious sun rose in my own heart, luminous beyond all imagination.
"But my heart itself expanded, so much so that I beheld in the same an entirely new heaven adorned with countless new stars, shining by day in the most glorious constellations. And then I saw how a new glorious earth emerged, as if out of great masses of water, bringing with it a peaceful generation in a long house standing on the billowing waves.
"Yes, all this I saw in my own heart and even more, as follows.
"And this peaceful generation disembarked from the long house and forthwith made a fragrant sacrifice to You. But the smoke emitted by the sacrifice gathered above it in the air and soon formed a most glorious arch above the vast, now gloriously shimmering earth.
"And from the arch came a voice which was exactly like Yours. And the voice addressed itself to the father of this generation, promising him peace and indicating that the arch was a visible sign that the earth should not ever again be visited by such a flood.
"And the voice spoke still many a thing with the father of this generation; but the words were quite incomprehensible to me.
"On the house strange signs were to be seen, and the old man went and copied these signs onto a red stone tablet. When he was finished with it he went over to his children, showed them the tablet and said to them:
Children, here is engraved what God has engraved onto this sheltering house: Henceforth I will no longer make war with man; this was the last one.
But whoever among you becomes unfaithful to Me, over him I will pass a judgment until the great Time of all times. "Therefore, peace to the earth and its inhabitants who are, and will be, of a good heart and in the same full of loyalty to Me! Amen.'
"Behold, this I have seen and well perceived; other than that I have seen and perceived nothing.
"O holy Father, receive it graciously; Your holy will! Amen."
Thereupon Abedam said: "Sehel, you rendered faithfully what you saw; but the closer meaning of your vision only time, the evil, shall reveal.
"But I want this war not to take place; yet not as I want it, but as mankind will want it, thus it will happen!
"But the signs you, too, shall soon come to know better! Amen.