God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 63 -


And Abedam added His Amen to the Amen of Sehel and then said:
"Yes, thus My beloved Sehel has truly spoken! Among all sins, self-seeking is the greatest. But man's greatest and most sublime glorification is humility and the therefrom-issuing glorification of My name before the world.
"Let him whose heart is burdened come to Me; for verily, say I now just as My beloved Sehel has said before, he will nowhere find relief, but solely with Me!
"Thus you, Garbiel, did not err in asking your great brother's forgiveness, and Seth, too, did not err when he realized his old error after being angry with his son Sehel who, following an inner impulse, refused to tread into Adam's footsteps but wanted to retain all his life the heavenly primordial purity of his heart out of his great secret love for Me.
"But, as Sehel said a while ago, it is going too far when one brother wallows in the dust before another brother.
"For not even I demand this. How much less, then, shall you honor one another as if one brother were a God to the other.
"By this I do not mean to say that you should not give honor to each other at all, but only that you shall not crawl before each other like worms.
"If you honor one another, give honor only through love, and let no one elevate himself above another but let each one be a true brother to another in My love.
"Such a mark of honor is a just one, - this you owe one another; however, what goes beyond it is again against My order, wherefore you shall leave it alone.
"To honor someone through love is sufficient in any relationship amongst you, be it between brothers, or from a son towards his father, or from a father to the son, or the wife to the husband, or the husband to the wife, the sister to the sister, the brother to the sister, or the sister to the brother, or the daughter to the mother, or the mother to the daughter, or the son to the mother, or the mother to the son, and the father to the daughter, - in short, in everything the sale true love is sufficient, the main reason being that even I Myself do not demand from you all more than your love in the spirit and all truth out of it.
"Verily, I tell you all, even if you pray day and night and wallow like the swine in filth and the dirtiest dust, - I shall nevertheless not grant your request unless you have earnestly and full of love and truth turned in your heart to Me, the holy, most loving Father!
"Since I, Who am holy, exceedingly holy, accept your true, earnest filial love as the best and truest veneration most pleasing to Me, - what difference should there be between you to make you crawl in the dust before one another?
"Therefore, again once and for all: Love is sufficient and shall suffice to you all!
"But you, My beloved Sehel, will engrave the sole commandment of love on stone so that everyone will see what it is all about and what is the universal center of all things
"And so also you, jealous Garbiel, go and worry no longer because I did not call you as the first to tell Me about your vision.
"Do you maybe think I do this deliberately to tease someone letting him feel his nothingness before Me because he wants to be something which he really should not be? O Garbiel, there you are very much mistaken!
"I tell you, My eternal order, My love and My endless wisdom certainly go different ways from those which only your foolishness can grasp!
"Therefore, you shall have a humble and free heart, not one full of pride of place; for, if you are humble you will not worry about the order of precedence watching who is the first, second, or third to be called, but it will he quite all right with you no matter when you are called.
"Behold, you were full of pride of place, wherefore the kick of your brother hurt you, which in other circumstances you would hardly have noticed.
"Now cleanse your heart completely and then come to Me when you are called. Thus go again to Enoch and make him show you the right way to Me. Amen.
"And now you, Horidael, come to Me and tell Me, like the others, about all you have seen and faithfully perceived within you. Amen."