God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 70 -


After these words Abedam summoned Juribael asking him like the others, saying:
"Juribael! You, too, do as the others did and tell us all what you perceived, saw and felt."
And Juribael stepped out respectfully from among his brothers and before Abedam and began to speak, inspired by his genuine love for Me:
O You holy, most loving, indescribably sublime, best Father! Behold, I, a poor worm before You, am here before You, O holy Father, in the greatest respect and the innermost humility of my heart.
"You have just called me out of my sleep to life, - yes, into the true, wide-awake, free life of your infinite fatherly love you have called me and have turned the feeble, blind worm of the dusty earth into a free man who with his eyes gazes out into remote infinities appearing like an endless row of spheres upon spheres full of immortality, seeing himself reflected in everyone of these infinite spheres as more glorified, more similar and more close to You, O holy Father!
"Yet not only into an immortal man, but into much more, indeed, into endlessly more than an immortal man have You made the dusty worm of dusty Mother Earth.
"Oh, who can grasp the endless magnitude of Your fatherly love?
"For the dusty worm, the weak, sinful man is allowed to call You, the eternal, holy God, 'dear Father'!
"O Father, - You have made us Your children!
"Holy Father, I can worship You and praise You; I can glorify You my whole life with all the strength You endowed me with; I can burn offerings to You wherever the eye may turn; I can respect You so much that out of the greatest respect possible to me my spirit would want to hide among the very last, lowest and least creations; indeed, I can love You according to the strength of my love within; yes, all this I can do to You, my almighty Creator, to You, my holy, great God!
"For as long as You are for me only a Creator, an eternal, infinite God, the relationship between me and You must always be that of a complete nothingness on my part in comparison to Your infinite universal essence in all the omnipotence of Your divine Being compared to - as I said before my utter nothingness.
"However, when I call You 'Father', then, O holy Father, our relationship changes completely; then my heart is blissful, and my spirit trembles, seized by an indescribably great foreknowledge, and I have an all-pervading feeling, and that is love, the sole, pure love hallowed in You, O Father, - a holy love which is only capable of loving You alone, You holy Father.
"This is all I can offer You. In this love I even forget all adoration, all gratitude, all praise, all sacrificial worship due to You, the eternal God, and all glorifying and praising of Your endless grandeur; and truly I have then nothing before me but alone You, O holy Father, call only 'Father!' and think only of You, holy Father.
"So forgive me, You dear holy Father, for not being able to thank, praise and glorify You, for my heart is too full of the mightiest love for You; therefore, I can now do nothing but love You alone above all!
"O Father, since my tongue out of my heart's excessive love for You is no longer capable of moving either for a prayer or for the glorification of Your name, because all my strength has combined in my heart in the love for You, do forgive me already in advance; for I am certain that my report will turn out to be very clumsy.
"Fortunately for my now very clumsy tongue I have in this my feeble confession already revealed most of what I have perceived and felt, still feel and truly shall feel forever, adding only the vision which was as follows:
"As I was pondering that You are the most holy Father of us all, having made us Your children through Your infinite love, - behold, suddenly it became exceedingly bright in me, so much so that I could behold myself inwardly just as if one gazes at the bottom of a still, very pure water.
"But this contemplation did not last long. For very soon I found my heart and in the middle of the heart an exceedingly luminous ring, and this ring, or circle, was continually rotating. Here I thought: 'What is the meaning of the ring?'
"No sooner had I thought this than the ring began to expand, like rings on water, extending far beyond my being until it formed an endlessly great circle in the center of which I found myself quite alone.
"But also this did not last long. For soon the circle dissolved into an endless number of circles, one behind the other, and they kept growing larger and larger and brighter and more luminous. And in the center of every circle I saw myself increasingly more glorious and luminous and greater and stronger. And in an endlessly profound depth, where the continuously, even endlessly expanding circles never seemed to end, I beheld an immeasurably great and strong light. As I gazed more intensely and sharply at the light, I suddenly became aware that You, O holy Father, were Yourself the Light in the light!
"And through all these innumerable circles I perceived a gentle rustling, and the rustling came from You.
"And I understood the rustling. But the rustling revealed itself as an audible word within me, wherefore I understood the rustling.
"And the rustling sounded as follows: 'Behold, this is the road of love to eternal life and through that to Me, your eternal, holy God and most loving Father!'
"Then suddenly all became silent and my vision was at an end.
Thus also I come to an end; for this is all I saw, felt and perceived.
O Father, You dear, holy Father, receive it graciously and do not repudiate my surely very imperfectly loving heart, but give me strength to love You more and more ardently and perfectly forever, ever, ever! Amen."