God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 71 -


After these words Juribael, prompted by his mighty love, fell down at Abedam's feet giving vent in this way to his mighty love as it were.
Thus the ardently loving lay, full of humility and deep gratitude of his heart, at the feet of his God, Creator and Father.
But the Father quickly bent down to him and lifted him up to His holy bosom, there to breathe in true, eternal life from the same primordial source of life from which all endless eternities have sucked in, and will forever be sucking in, their being and life.
To this holy bosom tl1e holy, most loving Father now pressed Juribael, wherefore even the flesh of the same was filled with the love for the holy, most loving Father.
As the eternal, holy Father held him in the embrace of His eternal and infinite fatherly love, He addressed the following words to him, saying:
"Juribael, behold, only now are you truly living, and this life cannot ever be taken from you; for I have given it to you now, and you have truly accepted it from Me, your eternal, holy, most loving father.
"Behold, this is the eternal ring of light in your heart, namely, that you are now living out of My love within you! For My love in the heart of My children is a circle which keeps multiplying and enlarging endlessly. And these circles which came about through this endless multiplication of the one circle are attached to one another like the links of a chain or the coils of a spiral, each coil becoming larger and roomier and freer, and each closer and closer, and all the time closer to the great outlet into the eternal, infinite space which, in spirit, is the supreme, fullest enjoyment of My eternal infinite fatherly love and of all grace and wisdom issuing from it.
"And this full enjoyment is eternal life as such in all the freedom brought about by the use of grace in accordance with the primordial-eternal wisdom out of Me, which will be possessed by everyone who will become a true child of My love through his love, which actually is My love in him and makes him a child of My love.
"Now behold, My beloved Juribael, all this is your vision which showed you the proper road to Me, your and all the others' most holy Father! This road they shall all walk and the sublime meaning of My purpose with and in you would soon be clearly revealed before you and you would no longer ask: 'Where, and whence?', but everyone would find it within, the love as well as the spirit, which is a carrier of love, and thus also the sublime meaning of My purpose, all this being the eternal, most perfect freedom owing to My eternal and infinite wisdom, which is the primordial eternal order of all things and all existence.
"However, he who does not walk this road, verily, say I to you, will seek until he dies without ever finding the proper and shortest road, because this is a road of love and all life out of it, but not a road of benighted stubbornness, devoid of the slightest spark of My love.
"And even if there is some love at work in it, it is merely a stolen love which some thief has appropriated who then lives out of this stolen love, which is the crassest selflove.
"However, the life of such a love is of but short duration, lasting only until such love has consumed itself since it was separated from My fatherly love and, therefore, has no longer any influx.
"Yes, such love is like an oil light, namely, when someone puts into a vessel some of the oil which in various spots in the mountains comes up from tiny springs in the rich rock for the beneficial fertilizing of the poor soil, and ignites the same. Of course, it will promptly begin to burn, but once it has consumed itself through the burning, will the empty vessel perchance continue to burn if no new oil is added?
"Oh by no means, for with the oil also the flame will be extinguished and the vessel will become dark and cold and dead.
"However, if you ignite the oil at the spring and protect the spot where the tiny oil spring brightly burns against bad winds and flooding by water, the flame will not ever go out, but will on the contrary continue to burn even more gloriously, gradually heating the area far around, and in this way coaxing more and more oil from the inner primordial source.
"Therefore behold, My beloved Juribael, whoever turns his love in the heart to Me and seizes Me forever in this his love, has ignited his life's oil at the spring, and this flame will not ever go out, but will be for him an eternal, living light.
"Now you have ignited your life's oil at the spring; therefore be happy, for in this light you have found the Father as the primordial-eternal light!
"So let us also question Oalim and then learn about his vision. Amen."